What's your vision?


What's your vision?

Whats your vision?
Were big on goals at Basin Crossfit. Always talking about “if you don’t know where your going, you’ll never get there”. And its true. Goals give us a objective measure to make sure were progressing, as well as a focus point to keep us from diverting back into bad lifestyle choices. Usually not being active, eating bad foods, or too much alcohol are the top contributors of a unhealthy lifestyle. And any one of those things can overpower the other two.
That’s right, you can wod till your blue in the face and even tell the priest at communion “i’m doing paleo”. But if you start your day with a ho-ho or a honey-bun every morning, its going straight to your ________. (enter problem area: thighs, hips, belly, butt, etc)
Or you may have the epitome of “healthy diet”. Plant based, non gmo, all organic, perfectly balanced macros of 40/30/30 tracked for 2 years straight in Myfitness pal. And haven’t drank except that one time at the company xmas party where you danced on the tables and made a fool of yourself………….But if you haven’t been active. Your probably sporting a body composition mix of a dad-bod and the grinch who stole Christmas. The dr. says your weight is good, but the mirror says different. The blood tests say your within “healthy measures” but healthy ain’t sexy……..
And of course we all know that guy that “does pretty good, considering how much he drinks”. That one is obvious.
But goals change. Whether you achieve them, forget about them, or alter them…….there gonna change. Because goals are not meant to be long-term. But your vision is different. This is the person you strive to be, the life you want to live. What’s yours? Be detailed about it too! How do you wish to spend your time, who do you want to spend it with, of what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? No matter how big or small, this is Your vision.
And I can promise you, when you started at Basin Crossfit. Your vision WAS NOT to do 5 unbroken muscle ups, squat 2x your bodyweight, or reach black level in the level method. It also was not to occupy every ounce of energy you had into false dreams of being some kind of “elite athlete”. You never cared about the crossfit games, the open, or even competition.
But human nature drives us to jump head over heels into something that is so amazing as crossfit. New friends, new movements and accomplishments, and at least 3-5 x a week your getting a dump of endorphins post wod in the gym that you haven’t felt since prom night. Of course your gonna jump in and love this stuff. But just like your prom date……….being overly excited also leads to a pre-mature evacuation of your fitness.

Humble yourself! Your not the best exerciser in the word…..and neither am I.

Now, doesn’t that feel better? Now with that out of the way……..let’s remember why are you really here.

Set your vision! I’ll go first, my vision is to live a lifestyle where the regular day to day tasks never become a problem. I want to put my shoes on everyday and tie them without grunting, I want people to know me as a positive attitude the encouraged others through action and motivation, and I want to not only lead my kids to make wise, healthy, and ethical decisions in life. But to also be there along the way when they do and don’t. I don’t want to ever feel the embarrassment or carry the burden unto others of having let myself get weak in front of others mentally or physically. And all of this can be attained through a healthy lifestyle and fitness. This is my vision that gets me out of bed every morning, makes me do my best every day. Whats yours? I challenge you to respond back to this email with your vision, your “why” for working out. I promise I will wholeheartedly read every one of them and have a little better understanding about you. Don’t worry, I’m not sharing the info.