What Makes Basin CrossFit Different?


What Makes Basin CrossFit Different?

Basin CrossFit has one mission, to create a community of health driven individuals and deliver fitness results through high quality coaching. We are not a gym for access, we are a gym for coaching. And our only goal is to help make you better through fitness any way that we can. We have developed a successful coaching program that is built on 4 pillars of success. This process allows us to make sure that the quality of training is delivered equally for all members of Basin CrossFit and all fitness levels from beginner to advanced. These 4 pillars of successful are goal setting, assessing, programming, and technology.  All of our coaches at Basin CrossFit are experienced fitness experts, we work as a team to make you better. Through applying these 4 pillars to our program we can guarantee a consistent quality of service and continued positive results. No matter if you’re doing 1 on 1, group training, or a hybrid of both.

Goal setting

Starting from your first #NoSweatIntro with us to the first pullup we want to know exactly where you are and what your goals, then we want to give you a clear path of how to get there! Every person is different, with the right tools and leadership we can get you there much faster than someone just “trying” different things to see what works. Goal setting and achieving is a big part of our program at Basin CrossFit. We follow up every 3 months with a free 20 minute goal setting session to see how you are progressing. We have a big chalkboard in the middle of the gym where we write our goals for everyone to see. Every time a goal or a Personal record is achieved we hit the gong to celebrate and everyone chimes in. Each small celebration and little clap of support builds up to the big picture of a healthy community we have here at Basin CrossFit. Measuring and recognizing success is important and it starts with establishing what your goals are.


Basin CrossFit is a proud Warmup and Workout affiliate and uses WUWO for all of our group and competitors training. Warmup and Workout is a highly accredited GPP based fitness group that writes expert fitness programs for group fitness training, competitor training, and Olympic lifting. Having a custom tailored program to follow, insures that our entire coaching team is prepared every day and every class with a step by step plan to deliver the best service and results possible. And be able to focus on what they do best……..coaching! When applying specialty classes or Personal training we write custom programs fit to your needs but for overall fitness it always goes back to the constantly varied and functional movements performed at high intensities and non-biased program that is CrossFit.

Non-biased Programming

GPP is short for general physical preparedness, and it is used to improve your ability across all areas of fitness — speed, strength, endurance, flexibility, power, coordination, and so on. It is the opposite of SPP, or specific physical preparedness, which is used to increase your capacity in one area of fitness.
The problem with SPP is that you end up “specializing” in whatever you decide to train. And when you specialize in one area, you lose capacity in others. For instance, if you are too good at strength, you will probably have limited cardio ability (and vice versa). A CrossFit competitor whose skilled at powerlifting will focus their training toward running because that’s where they need to improve; an athlete who can bang out 50 pullups no problem will probably focus on getting better with a barbell. This is called targeting. Athletes are specifically targeting certain skills because they’ve identified them as deficiencies that need to be improved if they want to succeed in competitions. It is important to note that targeting is not necessary unless your goal is sport specific.
Biasing is not the same as targeting. Targeting is a way to help individual athletes work on their weaknesses. Biasing neglects, or undervalues, some skills for the sake of one. The biggie is strength. A strength + metcon model is a strength-biased program. It demands that you lift every time you walk into the gym.
For the general public, who is not competing in any sport, GPP is by far the best option because the goal is to be fit for life, meaning the focus is on decades of fitness and health, not just this year or next year. So the aim of a GPP program is to get people fit without breaking down their bodies or over-stressing a single area. And, of course, to physically prepare everyone for whatever the world throws their way.


At Basin CrossFit, we use a ranking program called the “Level Method”. The Level Method is the world’s most advanced and accurate fitness-based level system and was designed to systematically progress and rank athletes from beginner to elite – delivering tangible, achievable and incremental goals in the process. It offers incredible insight and value to both the athlete and the coach.
It works much like the Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt system, ranking you in a series of tests from white to black. Upon finishing all 5 categories of testing you will be given your overall level and can start implementing the right steps and progressions to move up. The best part is that we implement these tests in to our startup program, giving you a roadmap to success from day 1!


Technology is HUGE in the fitness industry. You can get a mobile app for just about anything, you can have the top tools and secrets used by the most elite athletes in the world right in your pocket for about .99. Add all the wearable technology like fit bits, I-watch, and quoro rings and now you every detail about what’s going on in your body. But there’s one thing that technology cant do……..and that’s coach.
And that’s why at Basin CrossFit we make sure to stay on top of all cutting edge technology to pair with expert coaching and continue delivering the best fitness coaching product available.
We use Wodify at Basin CrossFit to handle all of our billing and scheduling. You will have your own portal via mobile app where you can sign in, check openings, see the daily workout, and make membership purchases/cancellations. Need to make a last minute PT cancellation and can’t remember your coaches number? No problem just cancel in the app. Trying to drop in to a noon class on your lunch break but haven’t signed in? Check the app for openings so you don’t waste your time. Want to see if you need to bring your running shoes today? Check the app!
Big benefits from the wodify app though are the workout and nutrition tracking. Everyday you will be asked to record your score for the workout, these may be times, weights, or just notes about how your “felt” during. Then we can go back and look at these scores over time to measure progress. In the wodify nutrition app you can record your daily meals and then request for a coach to view and rate them on a scale of 1-5 stars. This is a big step in setting good nutrition habits in our 6 week startup program and really helps with ongoing nutrition accountability.

The newest and probably most valuable piece of technology we provide at Basin CrossFit is the MyZone heart rate monitoring. Myzone is a wearable chest strap that measures your heart rate and displays in real time according to your curr
ent zone. Your heart rate display is categorized in 5 color coded zones black, blue, green, yellow, and red. By using this technology in our classes we can give the best recommendation of what heart rate zone we are looking to work in that days workout. Monitoring a heart rate gives the coach a great idea of how hard you are working and lets us know if we should be coaching you to speed up or to slow down. It also gives a daily, weekly, and monthly breakdown of total calories burned at times spent at each zone. Which can be valuable information when looking into a nutrition plan to fuel extra workouts or lose a few lbs of extra bodyfat.
Through these 4 pillars we are able to know what you want to achieve before you start, we are able to assess you and give you the best route in which to get those goals, we use the best programming and coaching available as a the tools for going down that route, and we use the latest technology equipment for tracking and displaying important performance markers. Basin CrossFit opened in 2011, and if there’s one thing we have learned over the last 8 years is that the fitness world is just in the beginning stages of learning how we can really perform as humans. As we continue to grow and help more people, we will always stay on the cutting edge of training techniques, theories, and technology to continue to deliver the best fitness program in the Permian Basin. We’ve built this system through trial and error and proven its effectiveness with real results on real people.