Were all in this together


Were all in this together

April 1st is April fools day, for years Ive usually have some quirkey email about adding shake weights to the gym or someother absurd Idea that never really fooled anyone. But this years it seems like we dont know whos joking about what anymore. Our latest addition of the “park workouts” is going to get a “fooled ya!” call from Govenor Gregg Abbott as it looks like all non-essential businesses will not be able to operate in public at all after April 2nd…….ok, Back to the drawing board for the next big idea.

But the one thing that has floored me with gratitude is the amount of support we have got from all of you, the members of Basin CrossFit. The support and messages the coaches and myself have recieved has been amazing and quite motivating through this time. But Its been the most challenging obstacle Ive encountered in this business. Mainly due to my own morals and standards, I would not charge a premium price for a half ass product. And I belive we have the wheels turning for a outstanding online program that will be part of Basin for a long time. But, I understand that you didnt sign up for online programming. I understand your thinking, If I was going to do it on my own I would have done it myself in the first place. But you did join Basin Crossfit for assistnace in your fitness goals. The goals may have changed slightly, but health and fitnesss should stay priority especially in a uncertain time like now. And right now your fitness is my priority. Were all in this together and Basin CrossFit will do what it takes to see a fitter version of you return to the gym next month.

One of the things that I did not anticipate was the amount of you that have reached out personally and asked “how can I help”. Im always so engaged in whats next for myself, and always so focused on trying to lead from the front or set the example that I often push help away……..But, like I said were all in this together. The support Ive seen from everyone will insure that me and my family will weather this corona storm (at least till may) just as well as the rest of you, Not unscathed, but not destroyed either. But Basin CrossFit has grown ALOT in the last few years. We have full time emplyees and certain jobs that others run, way better then I ever could. With group classes cancelled, new member intake has came to a halt, and even with the retail sales of daily fitaids and things being reduced all this effects the Basin CrossFit Staff and coaches…….especaily the one who have committed thier carreers to this industry and thier time to Basin Crossfit.

So how can you help? We’ve got a few ways that I will list here. Please feel ZERO obligations to take action on these steps, by continuing to be a par of this community you have done more then enough. But if you feel called to do more, there are options.

Order your Life-aid products direct! We sale about 10-15 of these a day and several case quantities to alot of you every month. Life-aid has made a amazing process where you can order your case quantities online using our special promo-code and have them drop shipped to your house! Basin CrossFit will still recieve our normal proceeds. Keeping our retail moving along and keeping you guys hydrated with your favortite drinks. Follow this custom link to order through BCF.


Get some badass workout clothes! Its gonna be summer time when we get back to normal, and we have anything to do with it……your gonna be jacked, shredded, and lean! Show it off with some new clothing from Born Primitive. This the brand Kirby and myself wear the most…….. I know youve all seen my stetchy denim cutoff workout shorts. They make those, and much more normal workout gear if your not as daring as myself. They are offering free shipping to you all with promo code and giving 50% of all prceeds back to Basin CrossFit! This only lasts through nex week though, so act fast. BASIN CROSSFIT – RECOVERY5770 is your promo code.

Pay your year in full – we usually only offer this at the new year time. But a little cash flow would help us keep coaches on payroll right now. If your in a right position to do this and know your gonna be around all of 2020, Basin crossfit can promise we will be here for you as well. We will subtract the payment processing fee of ($3.00) per month. Wont save you tons of cash…….but you wont have to keep up with payments for the rest of the year.

And finally, participate in the “support your local box” fundraiser. This is a online competition being put on by CrossFit HQ. Ill have a more detailed email on this later…..but here is the brief. For year we’ve enjoyed the crossfit open online competition in our gym for 5 weeks every february. This year Crossfit is using the same scoreboard technology to run a world wide online competiton. We will be able to create our own leaderboards to ee how you stack up in midland, texas, us, world, or just in our gym or amongst your friends and family who crossfit with us or somewhere else. Crossfit will release a workout everyweek for 3 weeks to be competed and entered. These will be home workouts with scaled options. We will have these workouts as our friday zoom workout….or do on your own! This will be alot of fun………and here is the best part. IT’s FREE! So how does this help Basin CrossFit other then keeping you guys engaged in fitness for another 3 weeks and driving some competitive fun? Well, Crossfit has put a donation sign fee option for those that would like…..ITs anywhere from 5$-$1k, and Basin Crossfit will get 100% of those proceeeds. I can garauntee that 100% of these proceeds will go into creating tasks and jobs for our full time employees to have during this down time. A email will come out this evening with the sign up details and times for this.

I cant thankyou all enough for the support and love you have all sent Kirby, myself, our staff, and Basin Crossfit over the last few weeks. Please feel no obligations to participate in these things…….or even keeping your membership. But if you can and do feel a need to help your local fitness provider and all the people who make it possible, here are some options. Thank you guys so much. Were all in this together and will be back in the gym in no time.