Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Get warm with Shoulder Prep — with a light set of Plates (2.5-5lbs)

Perform the movements from the first 2min of Shoulder Complex #1

Arm Circles

Flexion Overhead


Wall Slides

(10min) Create a Circuit for them to complete (they can start at any station):

Row 10 Cals

6 Cartwheels (3 one direction, 3 the other)

30 Single Unders

10 False Grip Ring Rows

4 Kick up to a Handstand + 5sec Pause, kick down — QUICK SCALE: 3 Wall Walks

4 Box Muscle Ups

2 Rounds

Wod prep

(10min) Review Handstand Pushup and Muscle Up as a group:

(5min) Handstand Pushup

5 Negative Handstand Pushup Lowers — QUICK SCALE: Use 1-2 Abmats (no more), or perform 5 Slow Pike Pushups with a pause in the bottom position.

5 Strict Handstand Pushups — QUICK SCALE: 3 Wall Walks, or repeat Pike Pushups above.

5 Kipping HSPU OR whatever scale they will use for the Workout

(5min) Muscle Up

5 Transitional Muscle Ups — Low Rings, include False Grip + Jump to Dip, or if people can Dip out unassisted, do that.

3 Strict Muscle Up Attempts — For people close to getting a Muscle Up, use Bands here to assist them. QUICK SCALE: 3-5 Strict Pullups OR Negative Lowers from top of Pullup Bar.

3-4 Muscle Ups OR whatever scale they will use for the Workout

(5-10min) Prep Round — Perform 1 round with slightly modified reps to determine whether you can maintain the ACTUAL reps for each movement.

Min 1: 8-12 Cal Row

Min 2: 6-8 HSPU

Min 3: 30 Double Unders

Min 4: 2-3 Muscle Ups


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Min 1: 20/15 Cal Row

Min 2: 12 Handstand Pushup

Min 3: 50 Double Unders

Min 4: 6 Muscle Ups

5 Rounds
Score Total Reps. So, you do the Workout as Rxd, your score would be 69/64 reps per round, making your total 345/320.

If you scales the reps, take that total as the score.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Min 1: 15/10 Cal Row

Min 2: 10 Handstand Pushup

Min 3: 40 Double Unders

Min 4: 4 Muscle Ups

5 Rounds

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


Min 1: 10/8 Cal Row

Min 2: 10 Pike Pushup

Min 3: 40 Fast Feet Jumps

Min 4: 4 Box Muscle Ups

5 Rounds


Back Squat (3-3-3-3-3)

Warm up to a heavy triple and hold that weight across 5 working sets. Compare to 1/16/2017 and try to go heavier.

Metcon (Time)

For time:

100 Lunges (BW/.75BW)
– Put the bar on your back and start lunging. It will be heavy but practice spending time under loading and get 5 more steps than you think you can. Goal is to finish under 10 minutes.