Tuesday (DAY 2)


Tuesday (DAY 2)

Basin CrossFit – CrossFit

BCF core & shoulder activation warmup (No Measure)

3 rds

Jumping jacks x 20

inch worms x 5

5 rds

High plank hold x :30

shoulder circles x 10

5 rds

superman hold/rock x :30

hip circles

3 rds

TGU x 3 e/s

v-up x 10


Mup/Pullup skill work

7 minute Muscle up ladder 1-2-3-4-5-etc…..

for 7 minutes perform strict mups in sets of 1,2,3,4…… until you cant do them unbroken. Once you hit your max use remainder of time to work on the regression of the movement (banded strict)

7 minute mup accessory work

7 minutes to practice the accessory movement(s) needed most for your mup.

IE: wide outs archers, dips, transitions, skin the cats

7 minute kipping practice

practice your kipping motion


bottled kips, wtd kips, kip and pull, hips to bar/rings


Metcon (Time)

800 meter run

10 snatches @ 50%

50 pushups

400 meters

10 snatches @ 50%

25 pushups