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Gymnastics Complex #1

Warm up

10-20 Arm circle sequence

10-20 Seated shoulder extension stretch (leg rotations) start slow on this one

5 Hanging core sequence (rest as needed between reps)


Backward roll + progressions into backward roll to handstand

1. Candlestick

2. Backward roll

3. back extension roll

4. Back extension roll progression 2

False grip/pullup/muscle up work

1. False grip hang

2. false grip pullup

3. Strict bar muscle up

Bench rocks/arch rocks (2 x 20 reps)

Beginner version

Advanced version

Wod prep



Ring Dips

Box Jumps

Round of 15’s:

Deadlift with empty barbell — pause in bottom position for 5sec.

Ring dips — 5 x 5 sec jump to ring hold, 5 x negative ring lowers, jump to top, 5 x jumping ring dips

Box jumps — 15 lateral step-ups, each side

Round of 12’s:

Deadlift — add 50 or so lbs to the barbell and perform each rep with a pause at the bottom, no tap and go just yet.

Ring Dips — 7

long ring pushouts

+ 7 strict ring dips. SCALE to feet assisted strict dip.

Box Jumps — 12 step ups

Round of 9’s:

Deadlift — add 50 or so more lbs and perform 9 reps of good clean/slow reps.

Ring Dips — 1 x set of 5 + 1 x set of 4 kipping dips. Use workout modification here.

Box Jumps — Jump up, step down. Use workout box height here.

Round of 6’s and 3’s:

Deadlift — continue to add weight, with the set of 3 being at or very close to their working weight. They can perform tap and go here.

Ring Dips — do these as a set of unbroken 6 and 3. Use workout modification.

Box Jumps — perform these as they will in the workout.


Metcon (Time)


15 deadlifts (315/205lbs)

21 ring dips

27 box jumps (24/20″)

rest 1min

3 rounds

Metcon (Time)


15 deadlifts (275/185lbs)

18 ring dips

21 box jumps (24/20″)

rest 1min

3 rounds

Metcon (Time)


15 deadlifts

18 box dips

21 step ups

rest 1min

3 rounds


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

5 Rounds for time:

25 Wallball (20/14)

30 Pull ups

– Goal is to finish under 12 minutes. How many sets can you get unbroken?