Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) With a light plate (15/10lbs), as a group:

20 Fast feet

20 Lateral fast feet (both sides)

20 Two footed fast jumps

20 Two footed lateral jumps across the plate

10 Steering wheels

10 Press + 5sec hold at top of press

10 Walk across the plate — Start in a plank position on one side and walk up and over the plate to the other side. Feet stay planted.

10 Lying overhead plate reach — Touch the ground behind the head with the plate.

(10min) Shoulder Mobility/Pullup Prep

Perform the series of banded shoulder stretches


8 Kipping pull throughs

7 Negative pullup lowers

6 Strict pullups

5 Kipping pullups

4 Kipping pullup + 5sec hold at the top of the bar (chin over)

3 L-Pullups

2 L-Pullups with MB in lap

1 Max set pullup, any which way

Wod prep

(15min) Handstand/Handstand Walking Prep

Spend some time here practicing being inverted:

Handstand holds — facing out and wall facing

Walk walks + box around the world walks

Hand releases (scaled version of cherry picker)

Partner handstand holds on the floor

Partner handstand walking

Handstand walking attempts

* Go through the list with everyone trying at each station.

* Do as many or for as long as you see fit.

* If people get stuck on one progression, have them continue to work on the one they were really challenged by.

(5min) Prep for the Workout

15-10-5 Unbroken Pullups

* Have them use their workout modification.

* Rest as needed between sets.

* Although these aren’t big sets, have them identify where they think they will fail and when they will need to scale.


Compare to June 21st 2016

Metcon (Time)



Unbroken Pullup

100ft Handstand Walk

Metcon (Time)



Unbroken Pullup

20 Cherry Pickers

Metcon (Time)



Unbroken Ring Row

2 Box Around the Worlds


Metcon (Time)

7 Rounds for time:

7 Sumo deadlift high pull (135/95)

7 Push jerk (135/95)

7 Toes to bar
– Goal is to finish under 7 minutes. Be smart and efficient in that transition between the SDHP and the push jerks. Stay unbroken on those toes to bar.