Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Warmup

5 x Clean and Jerk Complex

* Clean Deadlift Past Knee

* Clean Deadlift Pockets

* Clean Deadlift Shrug

* Clean Deadlift High Pull

* Power Clean

* Full Clean

* Dip Pause

* Push Press + Pause

* Push Jerk

* Split Jerk

* Use PVC for 1-2 rounds, then the empty Barbell.

(10-15min) Bulletproof Shoulders Session #4

20sec Supinated Grip Bar Hang (The focus is External Rotation. Ideally, hands just outside Shoulder Width.)

10 x 1 Arm Suitcase Deadlift (light-mod weight)

Rest 45sec

4 Rounds

* This is not for intensity.

Wod prep

(10min) Prep for Workout

2 x 5 Reps

* Both sets touch-and-go.

* Add load each set.

3 x 3 Reps

* Break reps up as needed here. Keep adding weight.

* you should be at or close to going for your first set of 3 after these sets.


Squat Clean and Jerk (3-3-5-5-10)

Rest roughly 3min between sets. Take a few extra minutes before the set of 10.


Paused Front Squat (3-2-2-1-1-1)

Build to a heavy single across the working sets. There is a 1 second pause in the bottom; try to match your current clean PR.

Metcon (Time)

For time:


Power clean (225/155)

Muscle up
Goal is to finish in under 5 minutes. Consider scaling the weight to ensure you can finish in a timely manner.