Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) As a group perform:

20 Back Leg Swings on right leg — only moving back, not forward

20 Back Leg Swings on left leg

20 Side Leg Swings on right leg — not across body, just out to the side

20 Side Leg Swings on left leg

20 Front Leg Swings on right leg

20 Front Leg Swings on left leg

10 Lying Glute Raise with reach — use feet elevated to scale movement

10 Sit Up to Pikes — feet forward together

10 Sit Up to Pancake

10 Pole Squats

(5min) Then with a Light Plate, 10 reps of each —

Plate Squats — drive the plate in the air so you can see through the hole in the middle.

Plate steering wheel — with plate straight out front, twist it right/left full revolutions.

OH Plate Squats — work hard to maintain a decent position with the plate overhead.

Plate Moving Superman — to finish off, with the plate on your back in a plank position, aim to get from one side of the gym to the other by moving in a superman/stiff bear crawl position. The plate cannot fall off your back.

Wod prep

5min) Review Pushup movement standard and prep for Pushups

10-15 Pushups (Depending on your pushup ability; however many you can easily get unbroken.)

5-10 Triangle Pushups — make a triangle shape with your hands, if you put them together and see how many pushups you can perform there.

5-10 Pushups with an increase in difficulty. Some ideas are: plate on back, deficit pushups (hands on plates, or change hand placement closer.

8-10 regular Pushups

(5min) Perform Pushup attempts:

* Perform up to 2 sets of test attempts (most people will probably only perform one set).

* Aim to have full recovery between each set, so rest about 3min before performing the second attempt.

(15min) Quick review and prep for Back Squat:

1 x 10 reps

3 x 5 reps

3 x 3 reps

* Start with empty barbell and add weight each round.

* Rest 90sec-2min between sets.

* The last set of 3 should be getting very close to where you want to start with your first set of 1.


Fitness test #3

Push-ups (max effort)

Back Squat (1rm)