Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Cone Speed Drill to Warmup

* Switch up the exercises as you like.

(5min) Ankle/Calf Mobility Drills

* Go through foot mashing 1min each side

* 10 x Knee to Wall Drill each leg

* Down the gym on outside of the feet, back on the inside

Wod prep

Have everyone Run 400m together — The Coach goes with them and at the start of every 100m, they perform 20-30m of the drills below and then jog for the remainder of that 100m:

* Run backwards

* Run Sideways to the right

* Run Sideways to the left

* Big High Knee Strides

Then, in Partners with thick Bands — One person holds the Band round the other person’s waist while they run. They resist as much as possible so it is hard for the person to run:

* Run 50m with Heavy resistance and then let some tension out for the remaining 50m so they can run a little faster. Partner people up with similar strength/size otherwise these are really hard!

2 Runs each

Then, perform:

3 x 100m Stride Outs — Ascending over the 100m in speed. Start slow and by the end of the 100m, they should be at 90+%. Walking Back is their Rest.


Metcon (Time)


Sprint 200m

Rest 2min

3 Rounds

Sprint 400m

Rest 3min

2 Rounds

Sprint 800m

1 Round


Metcon (2 Rounds for reps)

2 rounds for individual times:

100 double unders

30 Thrusters (115/75)

3 legless rope climbs (15ft.)

– Rest 3 minutes –

cool down

1min Quad Pose Stretch and Splits Stretch