Basin CrossFit – CrossFit

squat and running day warmup (No Measure)

BCF mobility flow

-Lunge & twist x 20

– toe touch x 20

– high kicks x 20

– side to side x 20

– squat x 20

– tea cups x 3 l/r

– pushup x 10

– judo pushup x 10

– inchworm x 5

Then :

BCF running skill and plyo warmup

-high knees

– butt kicks

– squat jumps

– A skip

– B skip

– power skip

– bounding

– sprint


Metcon (10 Rounds for time)

10 rounds

100 meter sprint

90 second rest


15-20 minutes to work on this new progression for the rings. Most of you wont make it past the 2nd or 3rd exercise. Thats fine, this is practice. We will be progressing through this for a while.


(Create a mini routine by going through the list. Omit the more difficult variations until

skilled enough)

• Tuck to inverted hang, then skin the cat

• Pike to inverted hang, then skin the cat

• Strict muscle-up to support to L-sit

• Shoulder stand back to L-support or straddle support

• Forward roll back to L-support

• Forward roll to hang

• Pike or tuck to inverted hang to back lever attempt, pull back to inverted hang

• Front lever attempt

• Ring swings

• Fly-away dismount (skin the cat and let go)