Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) As a Group or in Pairs (based on class size)

Row 1 min

10 Plate segmented push ups — Left hand on plate, right hand on ground, push up, walk hands to the other side with right hand on plate and left on ground, push up. 5 reps each side.

10 Burpees onto plate

Row 1 min — Arms/hips only. No knee bend. Emphasize getting length/power in the pull by deep hip flexion into hip extension and then arms.

50m Waiter’s walk w. plate (right)

50m Waiter’s walk w. plate (left)

10 Plate halos

Row 1 min — Aim to apply the extension of the hips with an aggressive leg drive/knee extension that’s focused on stroke volume rather than frequency.

10 Plate strict presses — Plate starts at your chest, then straight up overhead horizontal to the ground.

10 Scapular presses — Keep plate overhead and then elevate/depress the shoulders to articulate movement within the scaps. Active shoulders.

Partner hanging stretch

Partner A hangs, B presses on between their shoulder blades to extend thoracic and open the shoulders.

Perform 5-7 sec hang in OHS grip, switch, then in press grip, switch, then in narrow grip (thumbs touching), switch.

Wod prep

PVC Pipe:

Flagpole stretch (20-30 sec, alt top hand)

5 Strict press

5 Push press

5 Push jerk

Split jerk footwork:

Start in power position (under hips), step lead foot forward and out, step back foot backward and out (stance should be shoulder width).

Perform same drill but now split the feet FAST rather than stepping out.

Perform same drill but now add a DIP and DRIVE and JUMP out to split stance.

Perform same drill but add ARMS — hands by shoulders in dip, jump then punch.

Grab PVC and perform few reps with PVC.

*All recoveries are stepped back with lead leg first then back leg forward.

With an empty barbell:

5 Strict press

5 Push press

5 Behind the neck push press

5 Behind the neck split jerk (emphasize vertical bar path here)

5-10 Split jerk


perform a set every 4min.

Split Jerk (3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3)