Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(7min) Get warm and springy!

Set up a mini obstacle course that includes:

– Boxes of various heights

– Cones to zigzag through

– Cartwheels

– Leg drags. Using plates that slide (rubber ones work)walk with your hands dragging their legs behind on the plates.

Then perform 3+ rounds of moving through the boxes, zigzagging back through the cones, cartwheeling down a length and then dragging their legs back to the start.

* For the boxes, start with stepping up and down, then jumping up, stepping down, jumping across to the next box, then if you are able to, jump up and rebound back up to the box.

(8min) Accessory Work

7 Back extensions

14 GHD Situps

2-3 Rounds (time permitting)

* If there aren’t enough GHDs for people to work as partners, sub to strict V-Ups (perform a V-Up and pause in the top position for 5sec before coming down).

Wod prep

(15min) Review and Prep for Snatches

(5min) With a PVC, as a group, perform:

Burgener warmup + transfer skills

Then, with an empty barbell perform:

2 Hang power snatch + 2 OH squats + 2 hang squat snatch (* Fitness use a trainer bar to practice the squat snatch here.)

2-3 rounds

* Add load each round for these complexes.

Then, work up to a heavy starting weight with the following sets:

4 reps

3 reps

2 reps

* Add load each set.

* Do as many sets of 2 reps as it takes after this to find your first working set.


Hang Squat Snatch (2-2-2-2-2)

– Use the heaviest possible weight on each set.