Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


In Partners, each perform down the length the gym:

Wheel Barrow each other — one person there, the other back.

Leap Frog each other — there and back.

200m Buddy Run (carry each other for 100m each)

6 each of Over Unders (partner one planks, partner 2 jumps over — partner 1 bridges, partner 2 crawls through)

(10min) Shoulder Prep

Shoulder Complex Warmup (minus TGU)

Wod prep

(5min) Review Push Press with a PVC

Press – Dip Drive – Push Press

(10min) Prep for Workout — Do this as a group:

5 Jumping Pullups

5 Kipping Swings

5 Strict Toes to Bar — QUICK SCALE: Attempts

5 Kipping Toes to Bar

With a KB, have them use the weight they will be using for the workout here:

5 KB Deadlifts

5 Hip Thrusts — to get the KB moving, make them move their hips fast

5 Russian Swings

5 Full Swings + 3sec Pause at the top of each Swing.

Then, break off and have them work up to their Push Press working weight:

5 reps with empty Barbell

3 more jumps of weight with 5 reps for each set, with the last set being at their workout weight.


Metcon (Time)

rx+35 Toes to Bar

45 KB Swing (70/53)

55 Push Press (155/115lbs)

45 KB Swing

35 Toes to Bar

Metcon (Time)


35 Toes to Bar

45 KB Swing 53/35

55 Push Press (135/95lbs)

45 KB Swing

35 Toes to Bar

Metcon (Time)

25 Lying Toes to Bar

35 KB Swing

45 Push Press

35 KB Swing

25 Lying Toes to Bar