Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


Run 100m + 10 Pole Squats — slow controlled, move around in the bottom position

Run 100m + 10 Wall Squats — be diligent with these

Run 100m + 10 Air Squats — do these as a group and make corrections as needed

Run 100m + 10 Plate Squats with 4 Steering Wheel (video) rotations in bottom position

(5min) Mobility

1min Hip Flexor/Shoulder Stretch — one side — back against pole while arms straight overhead holding pole

Rest 15sec

1min Hip Flexor/Shoulder Pole Stretch — other side

2 Rounds each

Wod prep

5 Front Squats

Every 2min for 10min (5 rounds)

* Start with the empty barbell and add load each round after that.

* Make any corrections during this time.

* Their last round should be pretty close to their starting weight.


Zercher Squat (5-5-5-5-5)