Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) Dynamic Mobility Warmup

* Down the Length of the Gym:

Toy Soldiers

High Knees

Up and Over the Fence

Karaoke –

Low side shuffles

Then, have them perform 2 Rounds of:

8 T- Pushups

8 Candlesticks into 5sec Handstand Hold

8 Controlled Ring Rows

(5min) Handstand Hold

Accumulate 3min in a Handstand Hold —- Scale to walking up the wall or scale to feet on a Box Hold

Wod prep

For the Box Jumps:

10 Box Jumps

5 Box Jumps – Go higher

3 Box Jumps – Working Height (this might vary for everyone)

Then, work up to a MAX Height Box Jump for a few minutes.

For the L-Sit Rope Pullups:

5 Strict Pullups ——- Negative Pullup Lowers

8 Chest to Bar Pullups ——- 10 Jumping Chest to Bar Pullups

2 L-Sit Pullup ——– 4 Ring Assisted Pullups

* Scales to the right.

* Have everyone attempt/practise Rope Climbs

For the Muscle Up:

5 Muscle Up Transitions on Low Rings + Dip Out or Jump to Dip

4 Strict Ring Dips —— Ring Dip Lowers —— Box Dips

3 Skin the Cats —– Use Low Rings to scale

2 Upside Down Holds —- 2 Kipping Muscle Ups —— 3 Jumping Bar Muscle Ups

* Prep as needed for the Workout


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)


3 High Box Jumps

2 L-Sit Pullups

1 Strict Muscle Up

AMRAP 20min

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)


6 Step Ups

4 Ring Assisted Pullups (video)

2 Box Dips

AMRAP 20min