Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) Play Game to Warmup — Jumping Jack Duck, Duck, Goose

* Have everybody continuously performing jumping jacks in a circle. One person starts out as the ‘Goose.’ They run around the circle, tapping each person on the heal saying, “duck, duck, duck…” until they decide they want someone to be the goose. They then tap that person and yell “GOOSE!” That person chases them around the circle back to their spot. If the original goose gets caught, they need to perform 3 burpees. If they don’t get caught, the new goose needs to perform 3 burpees. Keep playing for 5-8min or until everyone has been the goose.

– If it is a small group, have them run around the circle two times to give the new goose a chance to catch the old goose!

* Feel free to change the movements/penalty, or have the coach number everyone and then they call out a number each time; those numbers all have to get up, run around and catch each other.

(10min) Dynamic Mobility

As a group, perform the following animal movements down the length of the gym:

Stiff legged bear crawls

Lizard walks — low body, opposite arm to leg move at the same time

The side ape

Frog jumps

Tall duck walk


Walking bird peckers

Wod prep

(10min) Prep for Workout

Review the Dble KB squat with a set of light KB’s. Perform as many reps as needed to have them moving well.

Then have them perform:

40 Single Unders

10 Dble KB Squats — for fitness do KB goblet squat

100m KB Carry

30 Double unders/Singles (1 DU + 2 Singles) — scale to attempts

10 Dble KB squats

20 Double unders

* Use your working weight for the last set of 10 squats.


Metcon (Time)


90 Double Unders

45 DBle KB Front Squat (24/16kg)

200m Dble KB Carry

90 Double Unders

Metcon (Time)


90 Double Unders

45 Dble KB Front Squat (16/12kg)

200m Dble KB Carry

90 Double Unders

Metcon (Time)


100 Single Unders

40 KB Goblet Squats

200m KB Carry

100 Single Unders