Stacey Dyer's Success Story


Stacey Dyer's Success Story

Stacey Dryer is one of our #Senior members! Through his short time at Basin, Stacey has made HUGE changes. Not only has he made changes in strength and weightloss, but also in mobility, which was very restricted before he started training with us. Before starting at Basin, Stacey couldn’t reach his toes in order to tie his shoes… he would have to be seated, and even then, he would struggle to tie his shoes comfortably. Unable to see his feet over his belly, he was motivated by hearing his son tell him about his experience with CrossFit in East Texas and seeing all of his son’s videos of the weight he was lifting and the overall level of fitness his son was achieving through CrossFit. Here is Stacey’s story…

Before joining Basin, I wasn’t motivated. I wasn’t active and was slowly gaining more weight and becoming more unhealthy through my poor eating habits. I knew I wanted to lose the fat, so I decided to join my son and become part of the CrossFit community. Now I compete and train with guys half my age, and I’m still chasing my son in all his weightlifting endeavors.

I feel SO AWESOME, to say the least, and I love the possibilities of a healthier future! As I was loosing weight I was sleeping much better and I felt really good and happy with myself! I’ve learned how to push through those walls and not Quit on myself ! My initial goals were to get healthier and stronger along they way on this journey. Now my goals have become more specific. I pick one goal and set my sights on it and get after it and train hard to get there!!
My favorite thing about BCF is the family feel you get when you walk through the front door! I would totally recommend BCF to everyone I know!! I am your real example that CrossFit training works. You learn how to challenge yourself to reach your own individual Goals, while being surrounded by people who are encouraging you along the way and truly want to see you succeed.

Check out Stacy’s Birthday workout.. A GOAL HE SET FOR HIMSELF!!!

This is Stacey. Stacey started crossfit @ Basin 1 year ago. He made a goal a few months ago to do this body weight sled pull for his birthday. And today he accomplished that goal in about 1.5 hours and turned 53 years old. Good job stacey! Are your ready to start crushing goals and improving your fitness? Schedule your #NoSweatIntro now @

Posted by Basin CrossFit on Saturday, January 7, 2017