Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(5-10min) Get to know you game (with jump rope)

Everyone will line up across the gym. At the far end of the gym, we will have a few balls or cones across in line with the athletes (3 balls per every 5 people). Everyone will do Jumping Rope Singles, and then when the group is asked a question like “Who has brothers?” Everyone who has brothers drops their rope and runs to try to get a ball/cone. Whoever misses out, performs 3 burpees. If the question doesn’t pertain to people, they just keep jumping.

Continue for as long as 10+ questions

Wod prep

(10min) Prep for the Workout

In partners, complete in an ‘I go, you go’ fashion:

10 Step ups

10 Partner wall ball (side by side throw/catch)

5 Step up and overs

10 Partner high five pushups (no, don’t do it like this in the workout!)

5 Lateral box jump overs

20 Double unders (each)

5 Box jump overs


Metcon (Time)


Complete in a team of 2:

100 Lateral Box Jump Overs (20”)

100 Wall Ball (20/14lbs)

100 Box Jump Overs

100 Pushup

100 Double Unders

Metcon (Time)


Complete in a team of 2:

80 Lateral Plate Jump Overs

80 Wall Ball

80 Box Step Overs

80 Pushup

100 Single Unders


Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Every minute for 10 minutes:

Odd: 20 Chest to bar pull ups

Even: 20 Ring dips

Rest 10 minutes
– Goal is to try and get these numbers in the minute. If we come up short, move on to the next minute and continue trying to get as close to 20 as possible

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

After 10 min rest:

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes:

30 Double unders

15 Burpees
– Goal is to get 7+ rounds. Great scores will be closer to 9 rounds.