Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Get Sweaty

1min Jump rope singles

Bear crawl the length of the gym

1min Jump rope singles + different positions (cue them to switch up foot positioning)

Crab walk length of the gym

1min Double unders or double under attempts

High knees the length of the gym

(10min) Pullup Prep

First, as a group perform:

10 Kipping pull throughs on the bar (swings)

10 Jumping pullups + Every 5 reps, stay with chin over the bar for as long as possible (that is two total attempts at the hold).

Then perform (without coming off the bar):

1 Strict pullup — Scale to jump to negative lower.

1 Chest to bar pullup — Scale to 2 jumping chest to bar.

1 Pullup — Scale to 1 kip + 1 knees to chest.

EMOM 6min

* If you can perform all three movements with a band, you can use that as well. The above scales are a great way for you to be forced into using your own bodyweight to get around the bar.

Wod prep

(15min) Power Clean Prep

Review the power clean as a group with a barbell, then perform:

3 x 5 reps

2 x 3 reps

* Add load each round.

* Go over working weight for the set of 3’s to feel a little overload stimulus before the workout.

* Rest as needed between sets.

(5min) Prep for workout

Bring weight back down to workout weight.

1 x max set Unbroken double unders (stop if you go past 70)

1 x 10 Pullups (use workout modification)


Fitness testing #4 outcast rx+ (AMRAP – Rounds)

5 Power Clean (185/135lbs)

8 Chest to Bar Pullups

30 Double Unders

AMRAP 16min

Fitness testing #4 outcast rx (AMRAP – Rounds)

5 power cleans 155/115

8 pullups

30 double unders

16 minute amrap

Fitness testing #4 outcast fitness (AMRAP – Rounds)

5 power cleans 75/45

8 jumping chest to bar

50 single unders

16 minute amrap


Power Clean (2-2-2-2-2)

– Build to a heavy double for the day

Metcon (Time)

4 rounds for time:

400m run

25 Wallball (30/20)

25 GHD sit ups
– Goal is to finish under 20 minutes, with great times under 17 minutes. Try to keep the wallball unbroken as much as you can