Red-light Sauna 2.0 @ Basin CrossFit


Red-light Sauna 2.0 @ Basin CrossFit

Basin CrossFit has been open 10 years this year, Ive said that alot lately. But what alot of people may not know, is Basin Cryo has actually been open 5. Kirby and I opened Basin Cryo for the same reason and passions we had for helping people through health and fitness at Basin Crossfit. But this place instead of beating you up, would help you recover. Basin Cryo was a trail blazer for the recovery market in all West Texas area, being the first to bring whole-body cryo therapy, red-light therapy sauna, compression therapy, and this really cool spot cryo facial machine we had. I also had started way back then mixing cryo, sauna, and nutrition protocols for fat loss with alot of great results that is still part of my protocols to this day for myself and clients.

In 2019 we made a decision to forge Basin Cryo and Basin Crossfit into one business, under one roof. And alot of people have taken advantage of our services. Now alot of things have changed since 2015 and the red-light therapy that once was like selling snake oil to the public is now actually a very popular recovery and fitness modality. And for good reason, the results are amazing. Our biggest issue had always been our operating cost. Overhead, staff, towel service, cleanup, etc. All these things add up. And we wanted to make a way for everyone who wanted to utilize this service could, without costing a arm and leg. But first we need to understand that not all saunas are created equal. Our sauna at Basin Crossfit is a full spectrum far infared sauna with ZERO EMF production. Dry saunas and generic model infared saunas are not only inferior, but could be more harmful than good. Dry saunas rely on heat for the results, which is purley just sweating. They need to be in the uncomfortable realm of 185-200 degrees, which will take 45-60 minutes of waiting or preheating to reach usable temps and then an uncofortable long session time. Undoubtedly they will have some weight loss effects but mostly due to dehydration. I spoke about EMF’s and “dirty electricity” in our elimination diet challenge earlier this year, our model red-light sauna (clearlight) is the onlyone that can claim 100% EMF free while sitting in the sauna. The $1500 models that you can buy at lowes or sams cannot make this claim. We want to detox with the sauna, not increase toxins. The red-light saunas benefit is the bodys response to the light it self. The light brings the therapy immediatly upon entering the sauna, even if its not “hot”yet. Red-light sauna sessions only last 20-30 minutes, only reach temps of 120-150, and you are experiencing the benefits during the full time of your session.

Alot of times people have told me, “im just gonna put one in my garage”. Which I think is great. But do some research, and get the one that you need. Here’s a link to learn more about our Clear Light brand. We also have a great blog on our site about the benefits of red-light sauna. But I’ll break it down real easy for you. Red-light therapy will help you recover faster, alleviate soreness, increase hormone balance and production, burn fat and mobilize fat cells (stubburn fat), and increase the beauty of your skin. Added with the element of heat, you will be able to sweat out all those toxins being relesed while burning calories and fat.

So back to costing a arm and a leg. The sauna doesnt require much other then some towels, cleaning, set a timer, and then alot of sitting. So we thought if we could make the sauna a self-serve service, we could lower the cost significantly. Starting August 10th we will have monthly sauna membership upgrades for only $50! This will include 8 x 20 minute sessions a month. We are also going to be offering single 20 minute sessions for $10. You will be able to book sessions through your wodify app and were opening up more time availibilty throughout the day.

Now the sauna and nutrition package work perfect together. No matter your goal for a nutrition program……weight loss, health markers, or muscle gain. A person could always benefit better and faster results by doubling up with the sauna. Another thing that usually come along with a specific goal is some extra work focused on exactly what your goal is. Sometimes it’s extra squats and kettlebell swings, sometimes it’s fasted morning cardio, or maybe youve got a unique situation and goal we need to focus on. Our new nutrition plus program is going to come with all 3 of these tools! For $99 monthly upgrade we will come up with a monthly plan for your nutrition and meet weekly to address addherance, issues, and changes and we will track stats with Bi-weekly Inbody scans. 8 x 20 minute sauna sessions, and 6 week customized programs of extra work delivered via chalk it up app. This program is undoubtdly going help anyone achieve thier goals faster!

More details on how the self serve sauna will work and a possible limited “open gym” time will be coming soon. If you would like more info or want to get started on the sauna or nutrition plus upgrade. Contact Jarret at [email protected]