Re-opening of Basin Crossfit May 18th!!!


Re-opening of Basin Crossfit May 18th!!!

The re-opening of Basin Crossfit is on Monday May 18th!!!!!!!!!

Everyone is allowed to make their own decisions and If they do not want to enter the gym just yet that is ok!, we will still be offering our amazing online program for those that choose. There will be lots of protocols and changes made, as well as a new membership offering to accommodate these new rules as we move through phase 1-4 standards set by our government officials over the next 6 months or longer. Some of these will add an extra step of responsibility on the members part, but all of these new protocols are only going to increase accountability, recovery, and results for you as members. It will also increase the quality of the coaching experience itself. With smaller classes you will be guaranteed more 1 on 1 coaching time and individual focus, there will be no need to ever share space, equipment, or even a pullup bar, and just an overall less crowded and clustered environment. 

Starting May 18th:

  •  Classes will be capped at 10 athletes: (this may be subject to change later)
  • All athletes MUST pre-register within 24 hours using the wodify APP (you can book up to 7 days prior).
  • You may add yourself to a waiting list for a class if it is full, if someone cancels you will be notified. 
  • Cancellations need to be made 1 hr prior to start time or you will be charged a 5$ fee. If you know you’re not going to make time, please cancel early so another person on the waiting list can join. 

*this one was a hard decision, we don’t want to charge anyone anything extra. But w/ space so limited we have to ensure adequate space and time for everyone. You should know within 60 minutes if you’re not going to make a workout unless it is an emergency. And in the light of an emergency……is 5$ really an issue? In that event just let me know and I’ll refund it or throw a 5$ credit onto your fitaid tab. We just have to have some systems in place for order.

 If we all agree to be responsible with our scheduling and cancellations then we won’t have any problems. If you do have 3-4 no shows at the end of the month it’s time to re-evaluate the way you schedule. (which we can help you with)

2020 summer  Schedule:


4:30pm (M-W-F only)


Punctual and sanitary:

  •  In order to practice social distancing we will ask that members do not come in early or stay late to avoid a large gathering of people during the transition of classes. If you can wait outside or in your car until time for class to begin. After class, gather your belongings and leave as quickly as possible after workout. We will relax on these rules as we start moving into further phases. 
  • Please do not bring visitors not participating in the class such as friends, parents, or Kids. We do not have space for them.
  • We will finish all warmup, strength/skill, prep, and workout at the 45-50 minute mark, allowing time for everyone to thoroughly clean and sanitize their equipment, record scores, and briefly conversate before allowing the next class to come in. We will provide wipes, disinfectant, and hand sanitizer for this. Coaches will also be responsible for a full floor bleach/disinfectant spray down and check-over of all equipment used. 
  • Class will start promptly at time issued.
    Community chalk will no longer be used and tape will not be allowed on anything. If you choose to bring your own chalk please keep contained, do not share, and keep excessive residue or dust from collecting on any equipment or floors.
  •    On top of gym and equipment being cleaned and sanitized every class (6 x a day). We will also continue to have our facility professionally cleaned 2-3 x a week overnight as we always have.
  • We ask for everyone’s participation in cleanliness and responsibility to insure the health and safety of our community. if you have felt sick or had a fever or have been exposed to someone who has, please self-quarantine from the gym and return when symptoms have safely cleared. 

Membership options:

To accommodate these new procedures and restricted guidelines we are going to have to move to a 3 x week only group training membership. And we will no longer have a spouse discount. 

This will be subject to change as we move forward through all Phases but with government ordered limits on occupancy this is our only option. We want to make sure everyone is on an equal and fair membership option across the board so we will only be offering 2 options. General and premium memberships.

 We will have a brand new app delivery (chalk it up pro) for the workouts and everyone will be delivered 6 days (mon-sat) of customized level based programming to follow in your home gyms, parks, or wherever you are the days you’re not in the gym. These workouts will include all the links, notes, and video demos that you’ve been receiving over the last 8 weeks just delivered via app instead of email.

 You have probably realized over the last 8 week that you don’t need much to follow the workouts at home. A barbell, kettlebell, or dumbbell can carry you a looooong way towards fitness. You don’t need the gym 5-6 hours a week, but you do need fitness 24/7. And thats what we are trying to provide with our Premium membership, 24/7 coaching. For those that have really seen the value of coaching in our online training program we are going to offer a premium membership for only $24 more dollars!!! If you like the personal touch to your fitness please take advantage of this. It will include 3 days a week of group training plus weekly check ins, 24/7 support, and the ability to coach you to attain any goal and through any situation. What kind of service can you expect from this premium program? Well, it depends. 

  • Did you buy a rack and barbell weights hoping to “get stronger” or “build some muscle”? Great! Let’s build a custom 6-8 week program for 2-3 days a week that’s based on your levels, goals, and availability. And then have it easily delivered to you on the day via app. This allows you to work on biased goals 2-3 x a week w/o interfering with your GPP training from crossfit OR losing your fitness (or abs) while trying to bump up your squat by 40-50 lbs. 
  • Do you need someone to build a way to intertwine fitness throughout your day as you work through your crazy schedule? Taking the stairs twice a day, hitting a quick 5-10 minute bodyweight “wod” in your office at 10am & 3pm, and ending your day with a 30 minute walk or 15 minute odd object carry sounds easy to do 3-4 days a week. But having someone lay that plan out for you and then hold you to it is the difference you need to stay fit and reach weight loss goals w/o even going to the gym. Let us help plan your entire routine out to a way that fits YOUR lifestyle. 
  • The same principles as above also apply for strength. Ever hung a pullup bar in the doorway and done one pullup every time you walked by? Maybe hit a set of dumbbell curls everytime you go to the bathroom? Even having a bar loaded up with 75-85% of your max and hitting a couple single reps throughout the day is an amazing way to add strength w/o an extra 90 minutes at the gym. But why would you do that?………unless that was your goal we identified and a coach told you to!
  • Maybe you’ve been “doing crossfit” a couple years now and consistently put off mobility training or focus on fixing technical parts of your movements in the fast pace of a group class. Now it’s really holding you back from being able to perform at the level your cardiovascular and muscular system is able…..maybe even leading you down the road to injury. Mobility and cardio can be mixed into a nice fasted morning routine to start your day as soon as you get out of bed. Improving your mobility, health, and productivity throughout the day by just getting up 15 minutes earlier OR having more intent with morning routine instead of checking your phone notifications and social media, 
  • Travel alot? We can plan your travel workouts ahead of time by knowing what you have access too and plugging them into your app. Have a hotel gym access with a squeaky treadmill and a set of rubber dumbbells? Great, we can work with that. Got a Travel workout bag w/ a TRX, band, lacross ball, and a kettlebell? Great, let’s come up with a week’s worth of workouts with that while you’re gone. Don’t have that? Let’s get one together for you and loan it out. (we have plenty) Don’t forget to record your workouts in the app while you’re gone, because we’re gonna check in on you! 
  • There are endless possibilities when we can become your personal coach. We want to help easily fit fitness into your life no matter the goal, schedule, or motivation. We will give you the plan, support, and motivation you need for success. 3-5 workouts a week are great. But it’s the other 165 hours a week we want to help you with. 

General membership: $165

3 x week group training
 daily level based workouts delivered 6 days week (chalk it up app)
 level method assessment app access
 quarterly goal setting session and inbody scan. 

Premium membership: $189 (this is a STEAL right now, and subject to change in the future)

 3 x week group training
 daily level based workouts delivered 6 days week
 level method assessment app access
 monthly goal setting session and inbody scan
weekly check in survey plus email support
customized training, habits, and workouts delivered for days not in the gym tailored specifically to equipment access, time, and goals. 

Nutrition add-on: $99

Initial consultation and plan design
Bi-weekly in-body scan to measure results and make adjustments to plan
Bi-weekly check in call to hold accountable and provide support

Online Only Membership: $99 

All the same things offer as a premium membership except the monthly inbody scans and the in class group training. 
6 days week level based workouts delivered via tracking app
Weekly survey and email support
24/7 support
Monthly call or zoom meeting for gameplanning

PT membership ($350-$750)

Provides all offerings of premium membership with  1 on 1 personal training instead of the group classes. 
Can be mixed with a general membership for the ultimate experience of 24/7 support and 5-6  workouts in the gym a week. 
30 or 60 minute sessions available 
2-3 x week monthly options 

Equipment return:

All loaned out equipment needs to be returned to the gym next week on Thursday the 14th or Friday the 15th of May. I want to take this time to speak with each of you in person about the new membership options, explain the new protocols, and show you the new software APP so we can all be ready to go on the following Monday the 18th. I want to hear your goals, how you’ve dealt with this situation, and what the plan is moving forward! I want to answer your questions……and really I just want to say HI! I figure this is going to take me a minimum of 15-20 minutes per person…….so I’ve set up a schedule to do so.