Quarantine? No problem! Basin CrossFit is about coaching, not equipment.


Quarantine? No problem! Basin CrossFit is about coaching, not equipment.

March 20th at 6:30 Basin CrossFit shut its doors for a extended period of time, for the first time ever since opening in 2011. Texas Governor Abbott issued that all gyms be closed down for 2 weeks in order to slow the spread of the contagious “corona”virus CoVID-19 that has been impacting the world since January and the United States over the last month. As a young entrepreneur, over the last 9 years I’ve thought up many scenarios that would lead up to the day I was forced to shut the doors of Basin. Never would I have thought it would fall to the hands of something as novel as a global pandemic and quarantine. Yet, here I am doing thrusters in my living room with a old dumbell I’ve owned since the 8th grade and preparing to take every system I’ve built, every relationship I’ve made, and every lesson I’ve learned in the last decade into a online and personal based platform……..in about a week! LOL, I told one of our coaches just last week. “You know what, I was kinda getting bored anyway. I love a good challenge” And thus, I’ve got one! The challenge is not of desperation and definitely not a time to start blaming and putting down other parties, ideas, or authorities. The challenge is to continue to do the exact thing we’ve always done since day 1 through our daily delivery of the Basin Crossfit mission statement. “To educate and cultivate a healthy community through fitness with knowledge, support, and professionalism in Midland Texas” Basin CrossFit has always been about the coaching first and the community second. And this is the plan we are offering to deliver the best coaching we can to the community we love.

Coronavirus did not blindside Basin Crossfit though. We are part of a elite service industry mentor business called Two-Brain business which is a group of about 450 gyms worldwide. By having access to these gym owners to help prepare for what was coming plus know whats working and not working has been a huge resource for us to stay ahead of the curve and prepare to serve our clients best. We had it on a radar in January, had some preliminary backup plans in February, and was ready to rock in March. First level of implementation was to disinfect, so we bumbed up our nightly cleaning crew to more visits and stocked up on the disinfecting wipes. Next we started wiping every piece of equipment every time it was touched. We cancelled our big “Beer wod” event for st patty’s. The next step was to decrease class time to 45 minutes, limit to 6 participants, and offer more classes………but the “MAN” shut us down before that was a possibility. The word “gym” is a WIDE topic and I believe we were thrown into a category with out much thought. Obviously big gyms with 1000’s of people a day is a hazard, but our small community runs less then 50 people a day and has a controlled environment that can meet with less then 8 people at a time. The hardest problem with this is one making sure we make the right decision to keep our community safe and finding the right authorities to talk to about this situation. As soon as I get a authoritative OK to resume in that manner, we will get members back in the gym in small groups asap. Until then……we have an amazing opportunity to help everyone through this. The thing is, its not just the gym that’s shut down. Its school, work, restaurants, bars, social gatherings, and literally all the things that keep people from being fit. It’s kind funny, As much time as I’ve spent trying to convince people about the importance of physical activity over the last 15 years, I’ve never seen as many people outside walking, at the parks, playing Frisbee, buying up all the healthy food and cooking meals, and posting workouts online from the backyard as I have in the last few days. Wal-mart and academy fitness sections have been completely wiped out nationwide, and you cant even order a kettlbell on rougefitness.com because literally the worlds leading fitness equipment provider cant keep up with demand. Maybe this could be the spark that lights a fire in Midland’s and the rest of the world’s overweight ass! That’s a bright spot in all of this!

We have 2 major things going into effect for our training protocol over this period. It may be a week, it could spread to a few months. Just being honest, so lets prepare now, because fitness is the one thing you can control right now.


This is meant to be something that’s novel and alot of fun. Zoom is a video conference call software. A couple of the main advantages of using the zoom is that the coaches can still coach and motivate you through movement, and provide that 45 minutes of fitness without you having to worry about what to do or staying motivated by yourself. The coaches will be able to see a gallery view of those working out and instruct them, as well as show demos and coaching cues in real time. And also share the screen with timer, wod slides, etc. You also will get to see your friends from the gym, which in times like this, is very important. We will be leaving the “room” open and least 5-10 minutes before and after the virtual classes to let you guys conversate just like a regular workout. We put out a survey for this last week, and it looks like the noon time is the winner, so we will run this class form 12-1 everyday. These workouts will be bodyweight only, with maybe a few fun twists such as dead lifting a backpack full of books or some other novel item you have at home. The workouts are designed to get you sweaty and burning calories real quick along with a mobility piece at the end. Full disclosure, I don’t expect every member to take this class and I expect that even fewer will do it daily. However if you have a severe lack of self motivation, zero equipment, worried about form w/o a watchful eye, or just want to show face with your gym homies……..this is the best option. You could even hit this workout in conjunction with our other options a couple times a week for fun. Hell, I can even see this turning into a friday “happy hour with your fit-fam” thing because well…………..community!

Instructions for ZOOM:

  • sign in to Basin Crossfit private meeting room via this link
  • Class will start at 12 noon and run about 45 minutes warmup – finish
  • Set your phone, tablet, or computer where I can see you working out in view
  • Check audio/video settings
  • get ready to have a great workout.

Personal Coaching

This is where Basin CrossFit separates from the pack to bring you the best service possible in a time of need. I told you coaching was what we offer, and this is where we prove it. Some members have a full badass gym setup in their garages, or where they work, or at least some old equipment that they can knock the dust off for a little bit. While others took my recommendation last week and went to buy a kettlebell or dumbell before the hysteria hording hit the stores. If this is you, and you can stand to workout alone for a little bit, were about to deliver the best customized training you have ever received. First you will receive a email every night about 6:30pm for the next days workout. IT will have the slides, warmups, workout demos, and a briefing video to talk about strategy and the “why”, this will also include a alternate variation of the workout in a single dumbell or kettlebell variation. Again, with video links demos and explanations to everything you’ll need. After closing the doors friday night, coaches sat down and divided our ENTIRE MEMBER LIST among ourselves. We created a list of questions and system of check backs that involves calling the member every single morning to deliver your personal customization of the workout for the day based on what time, space, and equipment you have available and tweaked for your personal goals! Plus were gonna hold you to it! What’s your score goal, when will you do it, what equipment will you use?

Yes, you read that right. If your receiving this email, your going to get a call from one of your coaches (one you know and see at the gym regularly) Before 9 am on Monday morning. One of the first things that we are going to ask you is what is best line of communication. (voice call, video call, text), when you want us to call, and what time your working out. Because, yes your working out during this quarantine! If we miss you the first time we will leave a voice message and text so you can get back with us, but if available please answer. As you can imagine, this will take alot of time and manpower to run this operation. Ghosted calls will slow down the entire process. During our calls we will establish your goals, workout time, and exercise selection, as well as customize the workout to fit your goals OR go with something completely different. Really want to dial in your pushups, pistols, or handstand during this break or nurse that tight hamstring before returning to the heavy weights? Tell your coach! We are here to coach you, and now and with no restrictions! Is 5 pushups a on the hour every hour for 10 hours a workout? You bet it is, and that’s the type of “outside the box” (literally) coaching that we can do with this. Our stipulation will be this…….you have to prove your workout with us or we literally will not leave you alone about it. LOL. We will ask you at the end of the call, “what time are your working out” and we will hold you to it. If we haven’t seen either a text with your score or a social media workout post within 90 minutes of your said workout time, were gonna call you and say WTF? And then ask you to go ahead and go do it then. Its what we do.

This is the absolute best we can offer, and in my opinion……. its the best offer you have right now. We are here to serve you through fitness. If your a member who has disappeared in the last few months/weeks, if you only come about 1 week every 6 weeks, or of your that person that pays every month but only comes twice a year. You cant hide from us no more, we have you in our targets and we will be digging some motivation out of you and forcing results. If you come out of this thing fatter, unhealthier, or in anyway less fit then you were yesterday……….it’s 100% due to your decisions and habits. WE GOT YOU! But it takes even more self discipline and motivation then ever before. Lets beat this together and come with stronger bodies and a stronger community then before!