I started at Basin in July of 2018 after moving to Midland from Pittsburgh, PA. I knew Basin was “the one” after dropping into a class and deadlifting with some awesome ladies and feeling like it was home. I’ve found some of my best friends through Basin.

I decided in December of 2020 to get my L1 and try my luck at coaching. After teaching kids all day, it couldn’t be too hard, right? I jumped head first into coaching and have loved every minute. Some of my favorite member PRs include first pull ups, push ups, and most recently watching some of our ladies pull 300 lb deadlifts. I’ll always give out fist bumps after the WODs and be your biggest cheerleader.

When I’m not at the gym, I enjoy being outside at our hunting lease or cooking on the Traeger. In the gym, I live for WODs with dubs, a heavy barbell, or toes to bar.