I started Crossfit November 2018 weighing in over 225. I was in the Navy for 5 years so I had an enjoyment for group training and a general understanding of fitness. I would go into the gym without a plan and only worked on my strengths. I started with the 6 week challenge and it was easy to see that I had no cardio or endurance. Basin CrossFits work out regimen and culture allowed me to be a better overall athlete. By the end of the 6 weeks I was down 15 pounds and 3% body fat.

Achieving my 6 week goal I was hooked. With Jarret’s programming I was able to achieve many personal goals from starting with one pull up to doing butterfly’s and doing a bar muscle up. My cardio and endurance made great strides. I competed in the Bataan Death March (a 26.2 mile march while carrying 35lbs) In 2018, I finished the march in 13 hours. In 2019, I competed again and with 5 months of training in Basin CrossFit I was able finished the March in 9 hours! While working out at Basin CrossFit I realized how much I enjoy helping and encouraging others to achieve their goals. Jarret noticed my enthusiasm for helping others and approached me about becoming a coach. Planting this seed into my mind I followed through and started shadowing Jarret and got my L1 in March 2020 (nothing else happened during that time).

The community that Basin CrossFit has fostered has made it working out with friends one of the best part of the day.