Paleo Challenge—were 1/2 way there!!!


Paleo Challenge—were 1/2 way there!!!

For those of you participating in the paleo challenge, i am impressed by a all of you so far. Some of you are making a first time lifestyle change while others are re-amping there nutrition and getting back on track. A few people have shown me there before and after pictures and I’m amazed by the results! With the performance tests coming up again next week I’m excited about seeing how much stronger you guys are getting too! Its going to be hard to choose one winner with the competition so tight Just a little tip, theres no room for a cheat meal or a lazy day if you want to win this thing. Keep working hard guys!

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  1. Anonymous

    Thank you guys for all the work and patience yall have had with me and carie.we have learned so much, 4 sure life changing..we feel faster, stronger, and healthier than we have ever been. Thanks basin crossfit