New nutrition incubator and advanced nutrition model for BCF


New nutrition incubator and advanced nutrition model for BCF

I’ve had a lot of success by talking to all of you that have done goal setting sessions with me. Now with the new level method in place we can really start to take action in the right direction and choose attainable goals. One of the most common things holding us back from reaching the health, performance, and aesthetic goals that we want is……..Nutrition.

I’ve been a long time advocate of always living the healthy lifestyle and never having to be on a diet. But that’s not to say that I didn’t have many years of experimenting with all types of diets to come up with that hypothesis. In fact i’ve probably done every diet that any of you have ever heard of, and even more that you never heard of. And if there is one thing I have learned, it’s that they all work. All diets will create some kind of stimulus. Our food is the energy source we put in our body and too much or too little compared to the amount expended will create different results. But with all nutrition diets out there claiming to be the “best” in order to sale the books and products, they are all battling with each other amongst the small details of nutrition. How many calories, how many carbs, macro percentages, ketones, etc are all different variables that one can manipulate to get results. BUT all good nutrition programs should agree on the idea that meats and veggies, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, and no sugar should be the base for all nutrition. Crap food will never make you healthy. And while it can be argued that body fat can be lost and lean muscle can be gained by just “if it fits your macros” I will never be convinced to tell myself or anyone else that it is ok to eat sugar or processed foods.
We’ve had about 15 people run through my “nutrition incubator” with me in the last 3 months. All with great success. In fact, the average amount of fat-loss was 10-12 lbs and 1-2% body fat in 6 weeks. And we had 2 guys looking specifically to gain some weight, in which we had success there too. Getting your base of nutrition will deliver you your natural results. If you need to lose weight… will. If you need to gain… will. And if you don’t need to lose or gain, you will benefit through other health markers such as hormonal balance, skin conditions, energy levels, mood, sleep, and of course better performance in the gym. But when we would talk I found that 90% of everyone had the same starting point for nutrition. No matter the goal. Lose weight, gain weight, get stronger, or perform better. They all were at the beginner stage for nutrition.
I could see the problem, we needed to fix our relationship with food. There’s too many unhealthy convenient options and nutritional lies out there to know whats right and wrong. We need to be educated on why fast food is bad for you, even if its “chicken”. We need to know why we need to eat vegetables, which ones to eat, and how to prepare them. We need someone or something that holds us accountable to follow it. And the big one……we need to slow down and enjoy the eating process. It’s such a personal and vital part of your daily habits, and we should respect it as so. And while I wanted to fix that, how? I mean we eat 3-5 x a day, how could I be there to explain why you should or shouldn’t eat something every time. No food list, meal plan, pre-made meals, or smart phone apps were going to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle. So I started writing…….all the things that I’ve been doing for so long that they have become habit with my nutrition. I spent many years, well over a decade developing these habits…….the ones that work got me the results I wanted and now I wanted to share them with everyone.
What foods to avoid, what are proteins carbs and fats and how to balance them, Where to get foods, cleaning out the kitchen, how to cook and prepare, how much to eat and when. All things I answered, you may remember reading some of these through email as they came out……..
Then I thought of every valuable blog, link, study, article, and source that I’ve came across over the years. Put those in there…….
Added some motivational stories, 18 healthy recipes and meal preps, and filmed some high quality videos to narrate through the whole thing.
Now, the next part is where it got interesting. How can I deliver this information to a large amount of people several times and hold them accountable? The answer was the internet. And with several youtube crash courses and a lot of trial and error, I figured out how to create online learning modules accessible through our website. Technology is awesome! So now that I had a course, I can check progress of where individuals are. And we can make assignments, so I added in the use of our wodify nutrition journal app. Now we can track and I can see it, all via the interwebs.
And this is how the 6 week nutrition incubator was created. It’s purpose? To prepare and educate you with a sound base of nutrition and give a starting point of building healthy habits via tracking and online accountability training. It was made in mind to go along with our 6 week elements and startup program, it will be the standard for all new members joining at Basin Crossfit. But there’s no way we could keep you all, the current members,  from missing out. And there is nothing that holds you more accountable than the camaraderie of your peers working for the same goal. So we decided to make a challenge.
Who’s this challenge for?

  • Need somewhere to start on your diet?
  • Feel like you “eat healthy” but get no results
  • Know what to do but can’t seem to stick to it, or cheat on the weekends too much?
  • Have no clue?
  • Plateaued with your results, ready for next step?
  • Follow a diet that only gives macros or types of foods (we can follow these protocols and your current diet recommendation at the same time)
  • can’t figure out why you keep working harder but not losing weight?

Saturday september 1st we will begin the challenge by a quick explanation of how the program works, q & A, and taking weight/bf% measurements. Then you will be required to log in to the website 3 x a week (at your convenient time) and follow through the assigned modules. Every week we will have a new habit that we are working towards. That weeks modules will consist of material based on what that habit is and you will be tracking via wodify nutrition app. These habits will build on one another so the idea is at the end of the 6 weeks your will have all healthy habits in place. Of course accountability will play a big role here but also we will be eliminating sugar and alcohol for this challenge. That will have a profound effect as well. We will have a private fb group for everyone thats signed up. I will be active in this group helping you all along the way, as well as the motivation from your peers! This nutrition challenge with all the knowledge, technology, and man-work behind the scenes is valued well over $200 for 6 weeks. But were going to make this one time offer as a challenge for$25 per person! Ill have signups coming out later.
What are these habits?
They are simple really, 5 basic habits:
1. are you eating slowly
2. where’s your protein, how much?
3. did you get your veggies, how much?
4. add the healthy fats!
5. When to eat “dense carbs” and how much.
*read more about these habits here
By following these simple habits, along with eliminating sugar and alcohol. Everyone who sticks to it will see a great result.
Whats Next?
So after you finish the challenge and you’ve had some great results. You feel awesome, but now you want more. Of course you will continue to get results and stay healthy by just following these protocols, or if you get off track you can easily jump right back on with these. But sometimes we want more…..something special, and once your baseline is built we can do those things.
I’ve broke our entire nutrition protocol into 3 levels. Going through the incubator is level 1 and a prerequisite for starting other levels of nutrition.

  • Level 2 consists of Identifying your body type and goals and prescribing a recommended amount of calories and Macronutrient splits to work in on your daily nutrition. We even now have ways to take blood tests to tell us how your individual body uses food for fuel. This will get a personal nutrition plan right to what your body needs. Again, level-1 incubator is a prerequisite to teach you baseline because if we really want to see health results we need to make healthy food choices. Weighing and measuring food is a pain, but has benefits. Turning a snicker bar over and reading the label to fit into your Macro counting app is NOT leading us in a healthy direction.
  • Level 3 consists of the more challenging diet protocols. These take extreme focus and take alot of time and acountability. With out having put habits in place with the incubator or learning how to weigh and measure on a regular basis with level 2, you can assure a failed attempt on these “special Diets”. There are many different types, like I mentioned. And when a athlete gets to this level we will do a consult to determine the goals, lifestyle, and which diet to choose. Special Diet protocols are listed but not limited too:
    • very Low calorie diets (fat loss)
    • very Low carb diets (fat loss, muscle sparing)
    • carb and calorie cycling (for fat loss)
    • carb and calorie cycling (for lean muscle gain)
    • very high carbohydrate diet (performance gain)
    • Intermittent fasting (lose fat, improve health and cognitive function)
    • Keto  (lose fat, improve health and cognitive function)

Think you already past level 1?
The thing is, we are never really past it. I’ve used the level 2 and 3 protocols several times to reach either a performance or aesthetic goal. Once I achieve it, Im done with measuring every little thing that goes in my mouth. But the last thing I want to do is reverse all the hard work I put in to get there. So I got back to the 5 habits, and live happily with my hard earned results. 3 months to get shredded and then 3 weeks to get fat again is a horrible cycle to repeat and can be detrimental to you health and motivation. If you think your already hitting all those habits, with proper quantities, and not cheating on the weekend you may be ready. But watch yourself over the next couple weeks building up to this challenge, how many times will you eat out and make a bad decision (yes one roll, a couple chips, or those 3 beers with friends count). How many times did you say “ill start back on monday”………
Level 2 nutrition challenge will start mid october (after the incubator) and finish right before thanksgiving. And level 3 protocols will roll out after the holidays. So if you have plans on making next year the year you reach your weight loss and performance goals. Now is the time to start! You could have a solid base already created before the holidays and have a very specific protocol to prepare you for the open. But we have to start now.
Signups and a little more info on the actual challenge will be coming out over the next couple of weeks. But for now, I just wanted you to know the why and how of our new nutrition program. If you think you will be interested in this challenge, let me know! Hit the reply button and send me a quick response. Have questions? Ask away! Ill get them all answered asap. Thanks!