lots of things starting today. First we’ll talk about the “nutrition challenge” (i like the way that sounds) This thing is only going to work off the honor system, and if you cheat its not going to help anybody because you dont win a prize in the end. If your in write your name on the board tomorrow. Theres going to be 2 parts to the challenge. Part 1 starts tomorrow and last 6 weeks, ending just before the open. Part 2 will proceed through the open. In part 1 I wnt you guys to stay as strict to the zone presrciptions we have came up with for you and of coarse stick to the paleo food choices. In part 2 we’ll take those of you who have stuck to it and evaluate your results, make adjustment from there and then kick ass.
        nutrition challenge rules (6 weeks jan 21- feb 1)

  • must join the facebook nutrition challenge group
  • you have to post a picture and a explanation of the cheat meal
  • you must come to fridays wod
  • every cheat meal you eat within that week you must perform the prescribed amount of reps of one exercise after fridays wod.

1 cheat meal = 50 reps
2 cheat meals = 100
3 cheat meals = 150
4 cheat meals = disqualification from challenge

  • the exercise you perform will be up to the decision of the group and may be different per person per week.
  • any alcohol is cheating!!!! I.E. wine, beer, liquor
  • Ill be making the facebook page tomorrow, only join if your commiting to the challenge

Ok now that done, Next is the video shoot were doing tomorrow at the gym. For sure were going to use this on the internet and if we can get it edited right we might do a commercial. So like ive been saying all week dress accordingly. If you have basin crossfit shirts then please wear those. It would look nice with all the same shirts on. Were going to start lifting weights around 5:00. If your up for heavy lifting we will be maxing out on whatever you feel like, feel free to come in. Regular class will start at normal time 6:30 were going to do just one wod in two heats (if everyone shows up), but its going to have everything you need for the most awesome crossfit video ever made. You guys should take a little pride in this, this will represent our gym. Our gym, were we scream, sweat,  & cuss. Were we work, laugh, & hangout. Were we are for at least an hour every damn day not giving a shit about the rest of the world and just having a good time while making ourselves better. Lets bring our A-games! Good form in all aspects scaled or rx’d it needs to look perfect (it should anyways!) Whichever heat is not going I want you guys to be encouraging the others and cheering them on. Bring that awesome intensity that we know to the gym tomorrow, feel the air with it! I gaurantee a bad-ass workout that we wont be forgetting, and it will come through for the camera too. I cant wait!
“lights, camera, action”
row 750 meters
snatches x 9 115/75
mups x 9
kb swing x 30 53/35
deadlift x 15 225/155
hspu x 15
wall balls x 30
thrusters x 21   95/65
pullups x 21
burpees x 30