Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(10 mins) Partner Up:

A) Timer

B) Performs movement until A is done

A) Row 200m + 10 Burpees

B) Air Squats

A) 10-15 Ring Rows Into 7-10 Push Up + Pike

B) Candlesticks

A) 10-15 Jumping Pull Ups + 2-3 Wall Climbs

B) Rolling Pistols – Candlestick with one leg. Can use hands to help balance as they are standing up. Emphasize momentum out of the bottom of the movement and driving out of the heel.

(10 mins) Mobility Groups – 1 min on each side per exercise

A) Bands

B) Myofacial release

Round 1

A) Banded ankle distraction: Set up band at ankle level on rig or upright, place the band around the ankle, facing away from the pole, get as much tension as possible on the band and then with your foot flat on the ground, use arm assistance to drive knees forward and over the toe into flexion as much as possible.

B) Foam roll lats: Start with roller halfway down ribcage on side of body, work your way up in 1” increments, rolling side to side.

Round 2

A) Banded shoulder distraction : Two poses – one with arm upright and overhead (elbow next to ear) for 30 seconds, second with band pulling arm and getting traction within the shoulder joint (relax it) for 30 seconds, 1 min per side. Switch.

B) Foam roll hip: Start with roller in your hip crease, work your way side to side.

Wod prep

10 mins) Movement Prep

3 HSPU negatives — Slowly lower self to tripod, come off the wall, kick up again.

3 Strict pullups — Scale to 3 jumping + negative pull up.

3 Rolling pistols — Scale 5 split squat (each leg).

5 Kipping HSPU practice — Decrease ROM to a small pad if needed, or stay with negatives.

5 Kipping pullups

5 Pistols — Scale 5 light DB split squat (each leg).

Perform one full round of movements — DBs find workout weight for split squat, prep all else as needed.


Mary (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

20-Minute AMRAP of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 Pistols (5-L / 5-R)
15 Pull-ups

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

Fitness – Modified Mary

5 Press

10 Split Squats

15 Jumping Pullups

AMRAP 20min


Metcon (Time)

8 Rounds for time:

8 DB Deadlifts (50/35)

8 DB Hang squat cleans (50/35)

8 DB Push Press (50/35)
– Goal is to finish under 12 minutes. This one will tax the grip!