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Shoulder WARM UP

(7min) Perform in any order, break reps up as needed (have people start at different stations)

20 PVC Round the Worlds — With straight arms, rotate the PVC around the body (10 one direction, 10 the other).

20 Ring Rows + Scap Retraction at bottom

20 Walking Samson Stretch (walking lung + arms outstretched overhead)

20 PVC Good Mornings

20 Walking Half Handstands (take a step, place hands on the ground and half kick up for a few sec)

20 PVC OH Squat

20 Jumping Pullups

20 PVC Sots Press

(7min) Shoulder Banded Stretch Series — 30sec-1min Holds in each position

Wod prep

(10min) Review Power Snatch as a group with PVC. Work Positions: Deadlift – Dip Shrug – Muscle Snatch – Down the leg Positions – Full Power Snatch

Then perform Mini Complex with PVC a few times:

1 x High Hang Power Snatch

1 x Mid Thigh Power Snatch

1 x Full Power Snatch

Then, with an empty Barbell, as a group have them perform 1-2 more rounds of the Complex.

(10-15min) Prep for Workout

Repeat Complex 3 more times — add weight each time.

Rest as needed in between.

Then perform a ladder of:


The sets don’t need to be touch-and-go, just use the same load within the set.

Add more load each set and ideally, the last set should be around their last one or two heaviest sets..

Rest between each set as needed.

* Prep as needed for the Workout.



Metcon (Time)



Power Snatch

Weights increase each round

Men: 135-155-185-205-225

Women: 95-115-125-135-145

Metcon (Time)



Power Snatch

Weights increase each round

Men: 115-135-155-185-205

Women: 75-95-115-125-135

Metcon (Time)



Power Snatch

Dragon Flags

Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds)

As many reps as possible in 10 minutes:

30 double unders

10 Power snatches (75/55)