First off I would like to tell everyone that competed at the War Zone this weekend, awesome Job!!! And thanks to everyone that helped judge, volunteer, or just come cheer us on. It was awesome to be around so many individuals that share the same passion for fitness as we do right here in our community. As far as preparation and training we were right where we need to be. The competition season is tapering off for the summer and its been a good one, weve had BC athletes represent in the CrossFit open, maxout buff battle, Stronger than You womens competition, Amrap series Pre-open, Basins Fittest Games, & West Texas War Zone. Its been a busy season and im proud of each and every one of you. All the new members weve gained have been working hard and there supporting us the whole way through and I know when the next season comes around they will be ready to join our competitive army.
A little over a year ago we had two teams compete in the Europa games. This was the first competition other than the open, that we all had competed in. We did well and had fun but I believe this was the time that sparked some serious competition in us all. Jeff and I returned from Europa with a goal as athletes and as coaches to make us able to compete in all skills and more importantly STRONGER!!So here we are 1 year, 100’s of heavy back squats, multiple Olympic lifting pr’s, and hours upon hours of muscleup and handstand practice later and the Europa returns!!!! August 17 in dallas texas. There are individual divisions for your age group ( 20’s 30’s 40’s etc) and 2 guy 2 girl team divisions. I want to see us all down here to compete and give us 1 last hoorah before the competition season goes away and let us see how much weve grown over this last year. start talking and lets get our teams together, individuals get signed up, and everyone get in the gym because we got to keep hitting it hard to be the best.


6×6 back squats (add 5 to 10 lbs more than last Monday)



50 kbs 53/35

100 double unders