I want to try this Cryo thing, but how does it work and what is it for exactly?


I want to try this Cryo thing, but how does it work and what is it for exactly?

Whole body cryotherapy is a new age recovery method that taps into our natural survival mechanisms to bring you amazing mental and physical recovery benefits. Cryotherapy is literally the coldest thing on earth, making it a one of a kind experience that cannot be compared to other “cooling” modalities such as icing injuries or even Ice baths. The Cryo unit converts liquid nitrogen into a thick sub zero fog that filters into the chamber where a client will be standing. The client will be raised until chin is over the top of the chamber and the head or face will never be submitted to the fog. Clients are asked to wear as little amount of clothing as they are comfortable with, knowing that the more direct skin exposure the better the effects. The only garments required are for men to wear some kind of underwear, boxers, shorts, etc and everyone wears socks, gloves, and slippers provided by Basin Cryo. The whole cryo process only takes about 3 minutes. The temperature in the chamber will get down to a chilling -250 to -270 degrees inside. Again, the ability of the machine to compress and convert the nitrogen into a cold fog makes the inside of the cryo machine colder than any other place on earth. But the fog, chamber, and ability to drop the temperature so quickly are where the benefits of cryotherapy really reveal themselves. These things make it not only a bearable experience but often a very relaxing or even euphoric one.

Prior to beginning your cryo session you will be asked to strip down in your own private changing room and given a robe to wear. While changing, the operator will cool the machine down to start your process at -150 degrees. Once you step up into the chamber you can hand the robe over the top for the operator. During your 3 minute process the operator will ask you to turn ¼ turns in a circle every 20-30 seconds to avoid overexposure to one side or specific spot. The operator is also there to talk you through the process and keep you from focusing too much on the cold. After 3 minutes you will probably be right at that “ok i’m ready to get out” point. The operator will hand the robe back over the top of the machine and help you down. At this point you should start to feel the effects pretty much immediately or in the next few minutes. A Lot of people report a flushing feeling either in the legs or arms. Your joints such as back, knees, shoulders, or hands seem to be the most common immediate feelings joint relief. Some people will even report a light sweat or light burning of the tops of their ears minutes after stepping out. This is all immediate results of the cryo-therapy, but what exactly is it? What’s happening and how does this whole thing work?

Well we should start by knowing what Inflammation is and where it comes from. Webknow the body is incredibly adaptable and resourceful. Often the things we are doing to “be healthy” are being actually counter intuitive on some part of the body and its job is to auto regulate it. Just like too much dieting can lead to nutrition deficiencies, working out too much can lead to energy deficiencies of strength, power, speed, cardio, and mobility. The bodies response to “too much” exercise is to try and protect these muscles and joints with inflammation. Unfortunately, too much of this muscular inflammation does not make getting around in regular everyday life that easy and it restricts the amount of blood flow to that area. Blood is what provides nutrients to the joints and muscles, with restricted blood flow we have less movement and cant push out the inflammation efficiently. Easy noticeable signs for being under recovered are sore muscles, achy joints, inflammation (joints and muscles), and inability to get deep sleep.

When you step into the chamber at -150 degrees the process will start immediately by playing a environmental “trick” on your body. Your body will recognize that it there is a “freezing” threat and activate a automated response. At -200 degrees your body has never felt this type of temperature before it will begin to pull all of your blood out of the extremities (arms, legs, etc.) and into your core where it can try to protect the vital organs. At about 2 minutes in you will have reached max, or should I say Minimum temperature. At this point your blood has exited your extremities, pulled into your core, and is cycling through your vital organs at an accelerated pace. While you skin might be feeling the cold on the outside. Your blood is actually filtering, re-oxygenating, and collecting nutrients on the inside. Once you reach the 3 minute mark you will step out of the chamber. The body will immediately recognize that it is not freezing and send all that warm fresh, nutrient and oxygen rich blood back out to the extremities. This not only will have a “plunger-like” effect pushing out all toxins and inflammation in your muscles and joints, but also delivering these nutrients where needed most.

Feeling sore and have a hard task or workout to tackle?

Do a 1-time cryo session before getting to work for instant relief.

Working really hard towards a physical goal or task and don’t have time to take rest days right now?

Do a cryo session 1-2 x a week after your hardest workouts to make sure you able to keep coming back and working daily until your goal has been reached.

Want to really get the most blood flow and recovery out of your sessions? Pair your cryotherapy with the Norma-tech compression therapy for a #FreezeAndSqueez combo.

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