How we can work together for your fitness


How we can work together for your fitness

If your like me, your probably tired of hearing about the Corona virus, Covid-19 has came, shut us down, spread, and unfortunatly not left yet. But truth is that its still a real threat, and Texas has decided to NOT stay inside and hide. In the last few days there has been a spike in confirmed covid cases, 90 just over the weekend here in our town alone. I support the govenor and the mayor and agree that were going to just have to get out and get over this thing, but in the safest and most cautious way possible. We have taken the proper protocols to keep the gym safe and sanitized including limited class size, 3 x week total gym cleaning and sanitization, and equipment and spaces cleaned and disinfected evey class. This is the most I beleive we can do as a facility. We ask that if you do feel sick or have been exposed to any person, place, or thing that has tested positive for COVID-19 please do not come to the gym! Quarinteen yourself or getting tested is up to you, but please do not come in to the gym and risk infecting others. This will go along way in ensuring Basin CrossFit can remain a safe place for your health and fitness and a escape from the constant chaos of recent events.

Some of the protocols we have put in place are things that probably will be around for a long time, even after the pandemic.

Limited class sizes is one of those things. This is not about control or micro-managing, it aligns with our business morals and supports our number one product at basin, the coaching. We have been running classes with a cap of 10, I believe we can now safely bump that up to 12, but we wont be increasing more than that. One thing we’ve noticed is how much smoother classes have ran and how much more 1 on 1 coaching we are able to deliver per class. This is why you come to Basin, for top level coaching that delivers safety, performance, and results.

But we need your help to make this work. We all need to be registering for classes in the wodify APP. I’ve removed the “no-show charge” but ask that you take responsibilty with your reservations and consider if you dont show up without cancelling, you are taking a spot from someone else! This really is positive tool in holding you accountable for your workouts and improving your fitness as well as help us continue to deliver a amazing experience every class. Here’s a couple ways it will help you:

  1. planning:
    • If you sit down sometime over the weekend and look at the workouts you can plan your week out. Yes cherry picking is frowned upon. But mix it up, come 2 classes that work your weaknesses and attain to your specific goal. Then choose 1-2 days that are fun to you. You likely will have some events on occasion to work around and this will help you stay on track. Going out with friends friday night? Have to work late 2 nights? Taking your car in for service one day and wont have a ride? Plan around it, so one day doesnt become a week.
  2. Grouping:
    • Like working out with your friends? Me too! Dont wait till you randomly show up in the same class together, plan it out! you literally could take your phone out at the end of a class and ask “which class are you coming to next?” Guess what? If some of your other friends see you registered for a class they will probably jump in too. Be the positive example!
  3. Coaching:
    • Coaches are checking thier class registrants before you ever show up. This helps us prepare to run the best class we can. A class with 2 coaches, 3 browns, and a blue has different prep then a class with 5 oranges and 5 yellows. We want to customize that experience the best we can and knowing who will be there helps us get you better results.
  4. Missing out:
    1. No one wants to waste time heading to a crossfit group class and not get to workout……..or have to do a nasty 20 minute chipper all alone. Classes that have 1 or less people registered 1 hour prior will be cancelled. Coaches and the 1 registrant will be notified when class is cancelled. You can just show up and hope for the best, but chances are that your intended class will be either already full……..or already cancelled. Imagine if a person that had registered was cancelled and you arrived to the gym with a locked door. Coaches dont want to go home, they want to coach you! And in this case everyone could have got what they wanted with some resoponsible planning. Considering others in our community and striving to be the leading example can only positivly impact us more!

Together, we can all make this a smooth and responsible tactic for your fitness. If anyone needs help in downloading and using the WODIFY App and registering for classes please let a coach know asap so we can take care of this. Thankyou!