How to Join

Step 1
Free 1 on 1 Intro. This is a private session where you will meet with a coach check out the gym. Your coach will help establish some goals, put you through a small workout (if your up for it) and give their recommendation for the best program that will help you achieve them.
Step 2
Get leveled! All athletes begin with our 1 on 1 level Method assessment. These are 5 x 60 minute sessions where we cover our complete Level Method MAP of 5 categories and 15 dimensions of fitness to safely teach you the movement techniques and methods of training we use and to determine a custom starting level best for you.
Step 3
Once you’ve received your level certificate you are ready to start training for your goals. You and your coach can discuss different training options and decide if you would like to continue your journey in a private or group setting or a hybrid program of both.

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