Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


Mobility Warmup — In Partners

partner PVC complex

partner wall stretch

partner behind the shoulder stretch

Shoulder Accessory Work

Together, prep the shoulders with:

10 reps Cuban press

5 reps of complex ITXWY

1-2 rounds

Then, adding weight each round with single DB, reps performed each side:

6-10 DB rows

6-10 DB strict press

6-10 DB high pull

30sec DB hold overhead

Wod prep

Toes to bar/muscle up prep

Hanging on the pullup bar, perform:

3 strict toes to bar

3 shoulder round the worlds

3 leg round the worlds

2 rounds

Then, perform:

5 big muscle up kipping swings

5 jumping muscle ups

3-5 bar muscle ups or attempts.

Prep for Workout

First, single step slowly over them, then speed up their steps, then jump (bunny hop) over them, then laterally jump over them.

Then perform:

4 burpee box jumps

2 bar muscle ups

1-2 rounds


Metcon (Time)


14 toes to bar

10 burpee box jump (24″)

7 bar muscle ups

3 rounds

Metcon (Time)


12 toes to bar

9 burpee box jump (20″)

6 bar muscle ups

3 rounds

Metcon (Time)


12 lying wall hands to toes

9 burpee step ups

6 chest to bar jumping pullups

3 rounds


Hang Power Clean (2-2-2-2-2-2-2)

Hang Power Clean


-Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.

Metcon (Time)

8 rounds for time:

200m Sprint (50m, down & back, down & back)

-rest 2 minutes

– Goal is to finish each round in under 1 minute or faster. Be quick, with short steps, during the change of direction.