Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(5min) Death by Slamball!

Start with 2 SlamBall on the first 30sec, then add 2 more every 30sec until you can no longer perform the required reps in the 30sec.

(5-10min) Hip/Leg Stability and Mobility

Alternate between:

Lying Glute Raise with Barbell — go to failure.

KB Hip Mashing (1min) — move all around the hip/leg.

* Do one leg the first round, then the other leg the next round.

2 Rounds each

Wod prep

10min) Muscle Up Prep

* Review Muscle Up Transitions and Muscle Ups as a group.

– Ring Dip — Jump to negative lowers

– Ring Dips — Scale back to negative lowers

– Feet anchored Muscle Up transitions into jump to top of Dip (or press out if they can)

– Feet on Box Muscle Up

– Strict MU — Kipping MU (stick to the drill that you are finding hard and repeat it here, or perform your Workout modification here).

(10min) Workout Prep

Perform 20 Front Squat + Wall Ball (So they do 1 Front Squat + 1 Wall Ball each rep)

Every 30sec have them perform 15 Double Unders

* Start with the Double Unders, then when you complete your set of Wall Balls, finish with a set of Double Unders.



The open begins NEXT WEEK!!

Continue to keep the volume low and focus on putting 100% effort into each day’s training to prepare for the upcoming 5 weeks of Open testing.

Do Rx+ programming for the day.

– Hit this workout with everything you’ve got. Practice going all out and emptying the tank. Save nothing, as a week from today it will no longer be practice, but game time!

– No additional work as today is a great dry run of the next 5 Fridays.

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


7 Muscle-Ups

50 Wall-Ball Shots

100 Double-Unders

AMRAP 14min

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)


7 False Grip Ring Rows

40 Wall-Ball Shots

100 Single Unders

AMRAP 14min