Basin CrossFit – CrossFit


(10min) Hinshaw Running Warmup

As a group, Jog 200m-400m to warm up.


* Leg swings (10 right leg front to back, left leg, right leg, left leg)

* Ankle rotations (10 right and left ankle, clockwise and counter clockwise)

* Knee touches (3x 3-5sec each leg) into wall (toe 4+ inches from wall) to warm Achilles


* Side high knee karaoke drill (10m on each side)

* Alternating forward walkover “the hurdle” drill: high knee angled out and lift up and over imaginary hurdle (10m)

* Walking while pulling knee to chest (while standing tall)

* Walking pulling inner ankle up to chest (“Figure 4″)

DRILLS (1x 10m w/ 10m walk between efforts)

* Walking lunges with pelvic tilt (hip flexor stretch)

* Walking lunges with torso twist towards side of extended knee

* Woodpecker (stand on 1 leg, bend at waist, touch ground w/ 2 hands, while the other pivots up and back to 90deg position from the ground)

* Toe touches: Marching opposite hand to toe touches (Toy Soldiers)

* High knees

* Butt kicks (knee pointed to ground)

* Straight legs

* Fast stutter steps with quick arms while driving elbows down and back

* Crouching side step shuffle (out 20m and back 20m)

* Side step jumping jacks with arms moving overhead (out 20m and back 20m)

Wod prep

(10min) Prep OH Squat With a PVC (Include mobilising shoulders here)

First, perform a few: Shoulder Rolls, Sots Presses, Flag Pole Stretch , Behind the Back Lift .

Then, work on the OH Squat as needed in a group. If time permits, move on to the empty Barbell and perform a few reps together with a load.

(10min) Prep for Workout

5 x 8 reps of OH Squat

* Increase the load each time.

* focus on being in a great position for each set. Practise how you think you will be getting the barbell overhead.

* The last 2 sets of 8 should be done at Working weight. Yes, the last 2 sets! Make sure you are very comfortable with the weight you have chosen and that doing two sets of 8 is no problem.


Metcon (Time)



400m Run

15 OH Squats (155/115lbs)

5 Rounds

Metcon (Time)



400m Run

15 OH Squats (135/95lbs)

5 Rounds

Metcon (Time)


400m Run

15 OH Squats

4 Rounds


Metcon (Time)

10 Rounds for time:

30 Double unders

10 calorie Assault Bike

10 Pull ups (chest to bar)
– Goal is to finish under 20 minutes, and closer to that 15 minute mark. Consistency in those double unders will really pay off, can you complete all 10 rounds with no misses?