Corona-virus! Should I go to the gym?


Corona-virus! Should I go to the gym?

Wow! This COVID-19 virus epidemic has escalated quickly. As some hysteria such as the stocking of toilet paper and hand sanitizer is expected, some of the recent closures and cancellations are quite disappointing. Of course this is a very serious condition but the truth is, as a Basin Crossfit member you have built yourself a buffer. 

And if anyone can avoid getting sick, its you!

Now is the time to apply all the things you know you should be doing. Your fitness “toolbox” we’ve been building just became your emergency kit, and its time to break it open! Eat healthy foods that respond best with your body, take your fish oils, eat your veggies and micro nutrients, avoid over training, put in a supplement protocol, & practice your recovery methods Cause its GO TIME! And IF you do get sick, your gonna recover ALOT faster just because your healthier then almost anyone else you know. Of course I’m here to help each and one of you do that! 

But should you come to the gym?

With people getting emails by the hour cancelling everything you can think of its hard to imagine that were ever going to go back to normal. In just the last 24 hours we’ve had kids sporting events and leagues cancelled, church moved to live stream only, spring break extended, people sent home from work, and many summer events, concerts, and summer travel plans all cancelled. 

Basin Crossfit jumped into action quickly early this week when everything started by stocking up on cleaning supplies, adding a cleaning day to our protocol, and heavily encouraging and informing our members on how we can all work to keep the gym clean.

Right now, you might be weighing the benefits of this force field against the possible risk of a COVID-19 infection. The government is saying ” don’t go to the gym” and your thinking…..

“that’s crazy”

or maybe

“that doesn’t seem quite right” 

Possibly: “yeah, I’d rather be on the safe side”

Or, in some cases: “woo-hoo! Free pass to slack off”

Here’s some things you need to know about your gym membership vs. typical gyms during the corona virus crisis:

  1. We will work hard to remain as that staple of normalcy in your life. That one rock that you know you have to look forward too. In a time of crisis people need community to lean on, and healthy distractions from the daily truths. And until the day we are forced by a governing body or the day that it becomes un-healthy for someone to walk through the doors, I can promise that Kirby, Myself, and the entire Basin Crossfit staff will be at the gym everyday to help you reach your goals. 
  2. Basin CrossFit is probably alot cleaner then the big globo gyms. Your coach sees everything you touch, and as soon as your done with it, your going to be asked to wipe it down or they will do it for you. We’ve always done this……its just on the front end of focus now. If you’ve been to a globo gym, you know this doesn’t happen. 
  3. Your membership at Basin Crossfit isn’t about access to our equipment. We’ve always said this, but Basin Crossfit provides coaching to you, not access. Coaching can happen at the gym, or anywhere. This is why we focus so much on assessing you in the beginning and constantly updating and tracking goals. We know what you want and CARE that you are getting the best tools to achieve that. 

        You can stay home, avoid crowds, practice “social isolation”          (some of us have been “practicing” this since high school,               lol). AND, you can still get just as fit, protect yourself, and          stay healthy for your family from home. With your goals and          trust we can deliver the same care, accountability, and                 great coaching from home via internet. Your typical glob               gym cant provide that.

     4. You can probably protect your kids too. 

Were working on making the best youth program in the                 Basin, and If they extend spring break or cancel schools you           can guarantee that we will be making times available                   for you to get those kiddos up there for some health and               fitness. We will be able to get them off their devices, and               build their buffer to the virus too! Other gyms will stuff                 them in a “daycare room” with runny noses and dirty socks. 

      5. Basin CrossFit is locally owned.

At this point, we know you and you know us. Its a                         relationship, and like any good partner were gonna call                 every day if we need to to make sure your okay. You can               reciprocate by remaining a member, and actually help a               local entrepreneur stay afloat in a time when the                         community needs support for each other. 

       6.Basin CrossFit knows you by name.

          If your alone and you DO fall sick, were here to take care              of you and help. Globo-gyms will just send your name in to            collections agency and forget about it. 

If your sick, don’t exercise. But if everyone else is sick, that is THE WORST TIME TO STOP EXERCISING. 

Maybe you trust the government’s recommendation to avid the gym. But I Trust my coach.