Can’t outwork a Corona diet


Can’t outwork a Corona diet

Have you ever heard the term “You can’t outwork a bad diet”?…………Of course you have! This is one of the most cliche terms in fitness I’ve been hearing and saying for years. In the CrossFit world………It seems even more prominent. I did a quick Google search, Which returned 334,000 results! So I tried to narrow it down a little by adding “crossfit” to the end. Well, that cut my results down to 87,000…………..Way more than I wanted to filter through. And at a glance, all just people throwing the cliche term out there as an opening statement for why you should do this diet/challenge/cleanse/etc. Ok fair enough, Overplayed term. But just like all old Wives tales, It’s got some truth to it……..And this one I think has ALOT of truth to it. And in the current situation of the COVID-19 crisis, It’s really showing that it is true. 

People usually don’t start CrossFit already in good shape these days. Back in the day when it was a underground novel program, all fitness guru’s from every different program would give their shot at the crossfit glory known as “fitness competition” aka “The CrossFit Games”. They would battle it out just like the old 90’s UFC to see who’s “discipline” was superior. Man, I couldn’t be happier that we made it out of those fitness barbaric days, lol. But back to my point. Now that Crossfit, specifically Basin Crossfit, has been the leader in the Basin for helping regular people achieve extraordinary things. We help people improve health markers like chloersterol, blood lipids, and hormones. We help people get off their medications. We teach them not only how to perform in life, but show them what that means and how it feels. But 99% of people come in for one reason………”I want to lose some weight”. Sometimes it comes in other words like “I want to lean out this area”, “I’d like to lose some belly fat”, “I want to look leaner”, or the worse……..sometime people grab a hunk of whatever fat deposit ails them and shake at me saying “I gotta get rid of this”. Whatever the motivater is, it usually always starts with noticing the belly or ass is more jiggly then you like and it’s time to do something about it. We help with that…….a little, but honestly most people never reach the intended level of bodyfat or the lean appearance they desire…..despite their commitment to crossfit workouts day after day. Anyone want to take a crack at why?……….yep, you guessed it. You can’t outwork a bad diet.

Like I said, most people start crossfit not in “shape” or unconditioned. The high intensity training is a huge shock to the system. Not only are they now burning a significantly more amount of calories and fat than before, but they are also building more muscle which will also suck up some of those excessive calories and carbohydrates.

 And, with the cardiorespiratory system working into overdrive every single workout there is a massive amount of oxygen being transferred not only during the workout, but for up to 8-10 hours afterwards as well known as the “excessive post exercise oxygen consumption”. This leads to even more weight loss and calorie expenditure. 

Yep, the first 3 months of crossfit for an unconditioned athlete you are literally a fat-burning machine. All this w/o even changing your diet. Looks like you have found the secret! But all good things come to an end and you can’t  (enter 2nd cliche nutrition quote) have your cake and eat it too. 3 months into consistent crossfit training can lead to amazing results in your strength, speed, power, conditioning, and fat-loss. And guess what happens when you become stronger, faster, more powerful, and weigh less? You have to work harder to continue to see results! And this is where it starts to divide the fads from the lifestyles

Fads come and go in a flash, they all usually work for a short period of time. And then they all usually result in returning to the same or often worse than the starting point after the fad is finished. Somewhere in the 6-12 week mark.

 Fads are not sustainable. But often the fads are created in the way and the mindset that the athlete participates in. Nutrition is TOO OFTEN either ignored in the beginning and never considered a valuable tool b/c you lose weight without it, or is too quickly forgotten about because they see results without it. Both scenarios lead back to a need to set healthy nutrition protocol to continue results. And the further in you are, the harder it is. 

Now in the current situation of the COVID-19 virus, we can’t get our classic crossfit,  sweat dripping, pain cave, group atmosphere, workouts that we are used to. Sure we are still working hard, some even harder and smarter. But there is no “I earned it” mentality to hide behind. You have to embrace your nutrition game now to get results. If you ever wanted to test it…….now’s the time to focus MORE on nutrition and less on training. The result will surprise you, I promise. Improved muscle, strength, loss of body fat, more energy, cognitive function, and overall mood can be improved drastically by just NUTRITION ALONE! Add in some burpees and jogs around the block and you’ve got something powerful. Add legit workouts and some weighted squats and you can achieve any aesthetic look you desire. 

One of the biggest downfalls in people’s nutrition is the convenience factor. The truth is that there are lots of options out there to eat at restaurants and 90% of them (99% in midland) are not healthy options. But right now, it is NOT CONVENIENT! With the exception of drive thru and delivery alcohol, the food industry has kinda become a pain in the ass. I’m all for supporting local small businesses obviously, but you don’t need to get a gourmet brunch with mimosas or margarita take out everyday. Try out some food order companies like hello fresh or blue apron. Spend some extra time meal prepping you basics once a week. Make a couple nights an adventure and try to make something new! 

And finally, lean on your coaches!!! We are here to help you. We talk to each of you every week (at least those of you that answer) and we would love to give you some tips and motivation for nutrition. And if you really want to dial it in, sign up for our 1-on-1 nutrition coaching program. We will decide what habits you need to work on best and then I will hold you accountable to them with weekly calls and daily tracking. Need macros? No problem. Need a better idea of what’s healthy and what’s not? I got you. Need to have someone to report too when the ice cream calls your name? Im here. Need someone to slap the fast food burger out of your mouth? Well…….I mean if I see you in public you can expect that. LOL.  

Things will return to normal and 2 types of people will come out of the quarantine. Those who followed a healthy lifestyle………and those who destroyed it! Which side will you be on?