Brycie Mendes


Brycie Mendes


I started Basin Crossfit in January of 2012 after seeing dramatic weight loss results from siblings who are members.

When I started I couldn’t do a sit up , so i did planks. I couldn’t do a real push up, so he had me do girl ones. I couldn’t run 200 meters without wanting to die, so they ran next to me and encouraged me through the pain.

I realized why I didn’t like to work out, it was because I sucked at it.

Slowly though I saw improvements, and really liked being stronger and doing things I hadn’t been capable of. I can do real push ups now, all kinds of sit ups , run a mile without stopping and lift really heavy stuff! Basin CrossFit helped me go from eating what i thought was healthy, to eating what WAS healthy. I dropped 17 lbs in a month when I did the paleo challenge, and the weight has stayed off!