Brovember 2020


Brovember 2020

This year we are hosting the 5th annual “Brovember” at Basin Crossfit. Brovember is our in-house, members only, team competition. And it was designed for one reason. Hanging and meeting all your bro’s (guys and gals) at the gym on a Friday night. It is literally THE FUN EVENT of the year! The date is November 13th on a friday night. We will be cancelling group classes that evening and starting at 6:00pm. Brovember usually runs till about 10:30pm……..but we wont kick you out if we want to hang out with all your new bros for awhile. A custom kick ass “2020 pandemic” t-shirt is included with your registration and of course there is PRIZES for winning and kicking ass! This year so far we have $50 Rouge fitness gift cards to every member of 1st place team……..and we’ve got more prizes and sign up gifts coming! Last year we ended up with 50 competitors and are hoping to beat that this year! This years theme : “The Pandemic”

All teams will be balanced out accoding to your current level method status. Once everyone is registered, the highest ranked members will be assigned as team leaders, then there will be a equal number of spots for each level per team. We will use a random draw live online via the private facebook page to decide teams. This competition is literally FOR EVERYONE of all skill levels. No matter if you started this week, or 10 years ago…… have a spot ready to challenge you and and allow you to earn some points for your team. Fun is the name of the game! There will be 5 total workouts with 8-10 people per team. Each person will be gauranteed at least 3 workouts. We will release workouts when teams are selected so you have time to game-plan and play to your strengths.

Every year we run a theme for the event. Last years “Avengers” was a blast but this years obvious “2020 Pandemic” theme will be a great way to put 2020 in the past and laugh it off with some hard work. We will release workouts in due time, but here is some teasers of WOD names.

“Black Mamba 24/8” The Kobe Bryant tribute

“Stop, Drop, and row” murder hornets are coming

“Masks required”

“Pump-jack” the ups and downs of working the oil industry

So even though this is 5 weeks away, there is alot of work that has to be done to make sure this thing runs smoothly. No where else in the world is there a competition like this where we know your custom fitness levels, team you up accordingly, and make a fair and challenging team competition with people that might not even know each other and still have a great time. So, registration is live NOW and registration deadline is October 17th. That’s only the next 9 days!!!! This allows us to order correct sizes, get leaders established, and teams selected. You can register by clicking the link here: