Basin CrossFit’s mission and vision


Basin CrossFit’s mission and vision

 Basin Crossfit’s Mission statement was created slightly in a backwards manner. It wasn’t written before the business opened, or even in its first 4-5 years of existence.The story of how it was built and what it means today to Kirby and myself that makes it significant. Basin CrossFits Mission statement is: “to cultivate and educate a healthy community through fitness using knowledge, support, and professionalism”. It’s a beautiful statement that sums up exactly what gets me up and drives me to do my best everyday. It’s what gives me purpose to serve others, my family, and myself. Through this mission everyday we strive to achieve our vision of being part of a community that motivates us to be fit and healthy just as much as we do for others. We vision that everyday our kids get to grow up in a community along other families that want their kids being active, putting down the electronics, and not getting candy every time they get a good grade or behave correctly, where people can have social fun involved in healthy activities instead of bad foods and alcohol, a community that celebrates each others accomplishments as much as their own, a community that puts health as priority and understands hard work, integrity, and respect for themselves and others. That’s the community we strive to create! That’s the community we want to be a part of and that’s why we come to work everyday to continue building this vision. We’re there, I love Basin CrossFit! And I will always try to make it better. 

As much as I would like to say that this message was MY mission from an early start, it wasn’t. It was forged in fire for years. Maybe the infrastructure was there but it was life, people, and experiences brought to me over several years that built this mission. It is not MY mission, it is Basin CrossFit’s. And just like everyone who has been a part of Basin Crossfit past, present, or future has somehow helped forge this statement and community, it is here to serve everyone that is part of this community. From the clients to coaches, to the cleaners. 

I started sports at a young age. Like many west texas boys in the 80’s, sports (football specifically) was a way of life. I literally have one of those old brass framed 8 x 10 photos of me as a baby wearing a “MoJo football” uniform before I was 1 y.o. Team sports were fun. You met other kids like yourself, played on a team, and it was definitely an outlet for burning energy. But I really found my passion for actual “fitness” when I got my first concrete and plastic weight set and a bench in the 5th grade. I remember Dad showing me some basics like military press, curls, deadlift, overhead extensions, crunches, and of course bench press. I loved that I could go into the garage blast Pantera, metallica, and bone thugs in harmony as loud as I wanted (If you have worked out with me you know my music list hasn’t changed much since 95’) And work as hard as I possibly could. The only thing that could stop me back at that moment was me, and I loved that. I found inspiration for hard work early in life, but it would take years to develop the rest of the statement. It was the knowledge, support, and professionalism that would deliver me to health. 

After discovering my passion for self discipline and hard work, my drive for team sports diminished. By the time Jr. high had started I had quit all sports except for football. I was still able to use sport as my outlet and testing field for all my hard work, but the actual “game” was just not fun to me. I was the kid that would meet the coach every weekday at the open gym time in the summer, stayed late after practice to hit the weights, or would run or ride my bike to practice for “extra work”. I was putting in the work!!!! I was acting in solo, but maybe it was the team aspect that kept me motivated. I may not have cared about the score on friday night, I did care about having that camaraderie. I played football with my friends. And while they were concerned about making playoffs, I was more concerned about making sure they saw my new deadlift PR. We may have been in a group setting for different reasons, but the support was enough to make us drive the best out of each other. This showed me the importance of group support. And now I know hard work and self discipline is the foundation of health, but group support was a powerful motivator and factor in your success. 

I followed the gym rat life all through high school and continued to play football. But when it was over what would I do? The gym time had started to come redundant to the popular body split style weightlifting you would find in all the muscle magazines at the time (early 2000’s). It was time for something new, but I didn’t know where to start. Around 17-18 years old the quest for knowledge began. The Internet was not what it is today so back then that meant I hit mostly the books and magazines. I started looking for more untraditional style workouts like kettlebells, sandbags, and bodyweight stuff. Got my first personal training certificate right out of high school and enrolled in the kinesiology program at UTPB. Somewhere around this time is when I started training MMA and BJJ which led to a 9 year professional career in MMA coaching and fighting, and still active BJJ 1st degree black belt. While that time and energy also has A LOT to do with how this mission was formed and created, that’s a whole different blog post. 

Fast forward to 2009 and I had been just absorbing, applying, and experimenting with myself and personal training clients for about 7 years and had enough confidence in myself to open my first official gym. “The Jjones strength gym”. I was a good personal trainer but knowing what I learned about group training atmosphere from sports and my martial arts background, I knew I wanted to pursue the Group training model. It was where my passion was and I felt I could reach the most. However, I quickly learned that training and programming for multiple athletes, ages, skills and scales was a whole different ball game. I realized that my knowledge was not good in this area. I was confident I could get people the results with the programs I wrote.But It was the way I carried out the class, my group speaking skills, and overall ability to bring people together and have fun doing things that were kinda painful and un-fun that would really make a solid gym community. I dived deep into self-studying group fitness models, and this “crossfit” thing kept coming up in my searches. I’ll admit to some slight hesitation at first, but ultimately that was my ego. I loved doing solid weightlifting movements at the time and had a lot of experience and knowledge about them. To see someone do grace the first time in sub 2:00 with old school metal plates first made me say ‘thats dumb, he’ll get hurt”…….then I went and tried it. LOL, 15 minutes later I had the “aha” moment in my post grace hangover. The key to group coaching was programming, social skills, coaching, and fun……..and crossfit had it all. I was in, restarting the learning phase because I was fired up for new knowledge. Officially moved to the gym to Midland, TX and affiliated with crossfit in 2011. This is where ‘knowledge ‘ entered the mission statement. It just wasn’t written yet, I was building it one life lesson at a time. 

From that moment on the knowledge has never stopped. Ive been part of too many seminars, certifications, business groups, and workshops to list over the years. I developed a pretty sweet skill of listening to podcasts/audiobooks at 1 ¼ speed and can usually couple 1-2 of those while reading a paperback at the same time. Knowledge is my passion and the more I learn the more ways I can help others. More recently as Basin CrossFit grows Ive been able to start teaching these skills and passing these already tried and true systems to the Basin Crossfit team. Now these excellent people on my team can execute the same actions and the amount of people we can reach is 10x! 

And with that movement right there, it all comes back around. What classes does Jarret go to for his fitness? The same ones you do! I’m coached by the same coaches who trusted me to give them an opportunity to help others as well. The same coaches who believed in the mission and vision that we created. We are more than a gym, we are a community, and everyone one of you a part of it. Thank you for the trust, as we continue to “ cultivate and educate a healthy community through fitness using knowledge, support, and professionalism”

-Jarret Jones