About The Gym

What Makes Basin CrossFit Different?

The Best Gym In Midland / Odessa

Basin CrossFit prides itself in the ability to coach you to the results you want. We realize every person is unique as has different goals, motivations, skill levels, and restrictions. That’s why we start with a 1-on-1 intro for every person that comes in to Basin CrossFit. We want to get to know you and see what you are really want and need from a fitness program. We use the Level Method to assess, address, and progress everyone from their personal starting level. We offer group, training, personal training, custom programming, and nutrition coaching. Once we help determine YOUR goals, we help you decide which route will be best for you.

Our coaches are certified fitness experts and only want to see you achieve your goals. Safety is our top priority, functional movement and knowledgeable coaches are how we ensure this.

BCF coaches have the knowledge to assess, recommend, and coach you towards success. We are not a large gym, we are small and community based. And with our smaller classes, we can ensure that you get the 1 on 1 coaching that you require for faster results.

The small community, personal coaching, Level Method, and passionate staff is what makes Basin CrossFit stand out in the world of functional fitness. Our programming is levels based as well, making sure you’re doing the right exercises for your fitness level and designed to keep you healthy and give you the best results possible.

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