So I thought I would do a quick Google search of CrossFit Halloween. Thinking I would come across a cool picture of a pumpkin w/ thrusters carved in it,  those cool puking pumkins, FRANkenstein, or somthing cool/cheesy like that. But no, instead I find this gay crap right here! This is ridiculous. Really? cat in tha hat,butterfly wings, and womens clothing? WTF?! This is worse than all the fags that show up for competitions but opt out for the “best outfit” award because they know they suck. And 9 times out of 10 its white CrossFit guys wearing womens clothing!!!! This shit aint cool, funny, or cute. Its cross-dressing, and its 100% not allowed at Basin CrossFit. Its goes hand in hand with those gay ass tall socks and any thing that says “WODKILLA”. Do you know what comes to mind when I hear the word WOD? Well I’ll just say this, it aint ” Workout of the Day” and if your killing it, your just blowing it. If you catch my drift. And whats up with the AK-47? We dont even use those, were just fucking working out. Basin CrossFit needs to stand up to all this nonsense!! Were just cool ass people that like to work out really hard at a place with other people that like and share a common goal of health and a higher quality of life. This post has taken a hard left turn off course but, sometimes I cant control myself when I see the human race acting in such a unbelievble way. The original post started out by saying “dont stuff your faces w/ candy corn” but now all I have to say is beware of corn stuffing and im not talking about candy.
So along with my current rules of No Tall Socks & No excessive KT tape im adding the rule of NO DRESSING IN OUTFITS to workout. Oh yeah and im really thinking of doing away with this whole WOD thing now. The whole thing is a workout and the last part is just some metabolic conditioning. If you need a stupid name for your workout or the desire to workout while looking like a complete douchbag in a costume then I guess theres about 9 million other CF gyms in the area and probably about 50 more that will open by christmas time. Would you rather be a awesome human being that can lift heavy shit and move faster and more efficient than any other mammal on the planet or do you want to……well you get the idea.  I guess we’ll see.
NO WOD workout today. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!