Hey! I remebered to post!
Good job on the new program today guys the EMOTM needs to be a little smoother but you guys will pick it up by next week. Seen alot of good form today, which makes me happy. Im really shooting for efficiency with you guys, and its the backbone to this new program. With scheduled intervals of rest we can really push our strength to another level before form breaks. As soon as you get tired you lose your form, (usually starting with the core) which results in lost efficiency. Lost efficiency results in a crappy workout that will probably increase inproper work patterns, form bad habits, and if injury doesnt happen at that moment just give it a little time and im pretty sure that ugly ass internally rotated shoulder, head down, early arm pulling, 1/2 deadlift 1/2 power snatch w/ a delayed knee knocking overhead squat is going to shoot your spine out of your ass and leave you crying in the fetal position for days. Its not cool to flop on the floor like a fish 150 times but it is kinda cool to squat down, jump your feet back, perform a pushup, stand back up, jump and clap behind your head, AKA burpees. See thats efficiency SOOOO, lets be efficient. If the weight is to heavy then back it off. And if your form is breaking, fix it. You guys are looking great, see you in the gym!!!
Core: 12-15 mins
this is time to train that core. we get lots of planks, hollow rocks, etc. in our warmup but take this time to develop your own core strength.
example of exercises could be l-sits, strict t2b, ghd work, various kb lifts and holds, situps, med ball throw/catch etc. if you just cant come up with something ask me or jeff and we’ll get you on track. the core is the first thing in our posture to break so we gotta make it stronger!
– Power snatch – 80% 4 x 1 rest 30 sec
rest 60 sec
– Power clean + power jerk – 80% (of PC) 4×1 rest 30sec
rest 60 sec     – Overhead squat – 75% 3×2 rest 30 sec
rest 60 sec
run 800    or    row 800
50 squats      50 burpees
40 situps      40 pullups
30 pushups     30 alt pistols
20 pullups     20 hspu
10 burpees     10 muscle ups
300 singles       100 d.u