The new gym is open!! most of you have already came in to see and workout. We got a few things were still working on like the showers and the lockers but were fully operational and got tons of room now. With the the new gym we plan on adding some more class times so speak up if there something you guys want. There will be no more free trail classes. Our workouts are way to intense and technically demanding that it can not be safely taught in time for a drop in. Plus it is not fair to the current members for the trainers to be spending all there coaching time on a non member. So this means more one on one coaching for you guys when you need it. All new members will be required to attend a 2 week 6 session elements coarse before entering regular crossfit classes. We want you guys to invite your friends or people you meet to come and watch a workout and see what its about where we can talk to them in person about joining our team. We will also be adding community saturday workouts once a month where we encourage to bring a friend for a classic crossfit workout. Remember, recommend some one who signs up for a 1-year agreement and recieve 100$ from basin crossfit.
Nobody is using “beyond the whiteboard” including myself. its a great tool but its also a pain in the ass to keep up with. On top of our already busy lives of checking email, face book, checking in, “like”ing, commenting, posting, tweeting, and instagramming and now i want you to log all your meals and workouts! holy crap! ok sarcasm aside, were getting rid of it so if you want to write down your p’rs better do it this week cause they are going bye-bye. The wods will now be posted on here everynite except thursday and sunday your rest days. The really awesome thing about this is that you guys will have to read through all kinds of other crap that i want to write about to get to the wod at the bottom of the page. And ive always got something to say. This will be a active blog for the gym where you can go to check any news that may be going on at the gym, new classes starting up, and a article or video that a come accross and decide to share with you guys.  Or just some actions hots or videos of you guys working out at the gym. All blogs will be published on face book as well so if you havent friended us there yet be sure to do so.
So keep up with this blog, buy a notebook to write down your scores, and get your butts in the gym. its easy!
EMOTM for 4 minutes each 60 sec rest between exercise switch
– 1 sq.cln + 2 fr sq – 75% (of fs)
– Clean & jerk – 70% x 1
– Weighted dips x 3
– Strict pullups x 5 (can be wtd)
– Snatch pull – 90% (of snatch) x 3 x 3     –
Snatch deadlift – 100% (of snatch) x 3 x 3
5 rds for time
2:00 min amrap
– Snatch – 135/75 x 1
– h. spl sn -135/95 x 1
– deadllift -225/165 x 7
– row calories amrap (round 1,3,5)
– amrap double unders (rounnd 2 & 4)
rest 2:00
score is total # of calories & d.u. combined