It’s time for the 2019 CrossFit Open!

That’s right! The best 5 weeks of the year for any crossfitter! Feb 21-March 24th

The CrossFit Open is a global annual event where Affiliates and individuals from around the world enter a online fitness competition. They have many age and scale divisions to cater to EVERYONE. Ever wonder how you stack up against other crossfitters outside of Basin CrossFit? Now’s your chance to find out! Have other friends or relatives that crossfitter somewhere else? Now you can compare and go head to head with the available custom leaderboards. Of course I’ll be making one for our gym. This is a chance to get that edgy competitive drive without having to compete in front other people. Go H.A.M right in front of your friends that kick ass along your side every day in the gym! Use it as a yearly benchmark or annual challenge to make sure you are constantly improving. Often these workouts will be a repeat of a previous year, sometimes with a twist. This will be my 9th year to enter the crossfit open! I can say that I have improved greatly over the last 9 years. The Crossfit open is what truly drives the spirit of crossfit. The time a year where everyone is an athlete and we can all compete. 

Its like brovember………. every friday…………. for 5 weeks!

For the last few years we’ve ran the “Basin Crossfit Intramural open” . Where we chose 4 captains and then split up into 4 teams via the “draft” and encouraged some healthy competition amongst each other. We hold challenges and had chances to earn extra points throughout the week, and then went head to head on friday nights. Accumulating points all along the 5 weeks. In the end the team that had the most points would be crowned the “Basin CrossFit 201x Intramural Open Champions” with their picture and title held high in the gym for the rest of eternity………………………This has been great…………………but this year we’re gonna switch it up…………………

This year we will still be doing the Intramural Open, but the teams will be Class times. I will be assigning 4 team captains, 1 for each class time. 5:30am, noon, 5:30pm, & 6:30 pm will each have their own team and captain. We will be performing the open workout in class on fridays during your normal class time. All along the way we will still be holding challenges and have different ways to earn more points. On the 5th week (last workout) we will all come together and do the final wod on saturday……closing it out afterwards by announcing the 2019 champions and having a bbq to end the 2019 season in style.
One extra thing I’m throwing in this year for the winners:
The winning class gets a choice of Donuts, Burritos, or margaritas  hand delivered post wod in class by me the next week. 


  • Everyone receives a point for their team for completing the wod on friday
  •  top 3 gym scores m/f for EACH DIVISION received extra points
    • 1st rx = 3
    • 2nd rx =2
    • 3rd rx =1
    • scaled 1st, 2nd, 3rd all receive 1 point
  • spirit award is worth 5 points every week.
  • Extra points will be awarded for various challenges through the week.
  • You MUST BE REGISTERED with the crossfit open to earn your point for the team. (register here)

This makes for a fun and interesting 5 weeks since the scores did not rely on top performers only,  but more on participation and effort.

The fun part about this is that anyone can be on any team. You just have to hit the open wod on friday in that class. So once captains are set and the “draft” begins, captains can do any bribing, begging, or impressing they need to try and get a solid team. Keep in mind, most classes have developed a pretty strong bond with each other. 

Now I know that we don’t have a 6:30 class on fridays, but during the open we usually are up at the gym till 8-9 o’ clock finishing these wods and having a good time. So we will always start at 5:30pm on fridays but we will be there for the 6:30 crew as well. 

Now, I can already hear about 60% of you saying “that’s not for me” or “I don’t want to compete”. And that’s fine, we don’t encourage everyone to do so…. but keep in mind. The entire gym will be doing these workouts as the regular programmed wod in every class on fridays. There will be rx and scaled divisions to enter. As well as age groups. So if you workout on fridays you will already be doing the workouts and you will no doubt be impacted by the amount of positive energy that comes from this thing. So you might as well sign up and help your peers be crowned champions and maybe win a donut and earn you place in history. All levels from white to purple + are able to do this thing and contribute to your team. And if anything, this is a great commitment tool that will hold you accountable for staying on top of your fitness for 5 weeks. Often when your “in the zone” you make more conscious nutrition decisions as well. Resulting in a better, stronger, faster version of yourself coming out of the end of this thing!


Registration is live now! Sign up here
Monday Jan 28th. announcing team captains

Feb21. – March 21 thursday wod release, friday workout

MArch 23th Final wod plus bbq and closing ceremony