2018 intramural open rules


2018 intramural open rules

The Basin CrossFit 2018 Intramural open. Every Friday night starting at 6:00pm we will run Friday night lights. This will be like our in house competition every week for 5 weeks. You have already been divided up into teams, and I hope you’ve started to rally amongst each other! The winning team will not be determined by the team that wins the most wods, no the 2018 Basin CrossFit Intramural Champions will be determined by the ones that show the most heart! We’re getting big points for giving your all and being a part of the community this year. You can complete the wods at any of our class times on Friday. But the big points come to those who show up to Friday night lights. Each team will compete in 2-3 heats together. Your team will get a chance for a walkout and choice of playlist plus anything else you can come up with to earn that spirit of the week award. Order of the teams will be determined by weekly standings. Earn points as we go through this 5 week process, on week 5 we will announce our final event to be held the following Saturday. This will include a surprise event finale (think fun not workout), party (bbq or potluck) and awards ceremony to announce this years 2018 BCF Intramural champions! We will have your picture and a team banner to hang forever at the gym. Points will beawarded for the following.

  1. 1 point per athlete that completes the workout at basin crossfit and enters their score into crossfit.games.com
  2. 1 point per athlete that checks in during Friday night lights at Basin Crossfit #FNL on facebook with a picture or video
  3. 2 points per TEAM for a captains facebook check in plus live video during Friday night lights.
  4. Top 3 male and female score from within our gym from both scaled and rx divisions will receive the following points.

1st place = 3 points
2nd place = 2 points
3rd place = 1 points

  1. Spirit of the week award will be awarded to the team that is the loudest and fun-nest during Friday night lights. Be creative here, nothing is off limits……well almost nothing. This year there will be a “secret shopper” in the crowd on Friday nights deciding the spirit of the week award. They will not be a member of the gym, impress them for a extra 5 Points!
  2. Extra points may be awarded for certain achieving PRs in certain skills, these must be witnessed by a coach. These must be PR’s and not something you have previously accomplished, meaning the more advanced athletes will not be making any points in this area but the newer athletes can. All PR’s of the following will receive 3 points each. Open standards apply
  • 1st muscle up bar and/or rings
  • 10 handstand pushup
  • Down and back handstand walk (length of rack)
  • 50 double unders
  • 5 pullups
  1. Every week a different challenge will be presented for extra points. These will range from 1 – 3 points.

Every Thursday night we will watch the release live at 6:30pm. Anyone is welcome to knock it out early at that time.