2018 Crossfit open – whats the BCF Intramural and why should I enter?


2018 Crossfit open – whats the BCF Intramural and why should I enter?

2018 CrossFit open is here!!! Some of you are veterans of this time of year, having done 4 or 5 of these. Some of you, like our 2017 BCF rookie of the year award winners Fonzy and Amber, had just started about this time last year and jumped in not knowing what to expect. Some of you have been around but skipping out on the fun for the last 3-4 years! But most of you, you have never entered the open or perhaps have no Idea what I’m talking about. We’ve always encouraged everyone to enter the open, and I will explain why. But last year we added the Basin CrossFit Intramural open and it was the funnest event of the year. Just like the Brovember competition, were getting better as we go along and this year the Intramural Open is going to badass.

Why should I care about the open?

It’s easy for me to say “because it’s FUN!” Buy you’ll have to figure that out for your self. But I can share with you what the CF open means to me. For me it it a constant measuring device, an annual reminder of who I am and where I’ve been. Sounds a little to Epic for just a online competition, but hear me out. I’m a ol skooler, this is my 8th CF open. Im 8/8 since it started. (DNF’d the first one, but more on that later) Imagine how much life changes in 8 years!!! And every year I go back and look at my scores from previous years, and it’s not really the scores that intrigue me. Its remembering the mindset and the attitude I had during those times. You start to notice your fitness is very closely correlated with your level of stress and happiness. Remembering the things going on at your life at that time that may have had you stressed out, busy, un-focused. And realizing some of them are kind of silly now. Some of them not. Some years your mindset is right and your score will show it. But the end of year 3-4-5….. 8-9-10…. you will be gratful for have stayed on your fitness for the long game. That’s what counts! Sometimes there’s lessons to be learned. Here’s a quick snapshot of my 8 cf open experiences.
2011 – Was already a full time trainer using High intensity style stuff. When I heard about CF I Signed up for my L-1 which led to signing up for the open. I spent 3 days learning double unders and then did 11-1 the morning I left to get l-1 certified. It crushed me. There were no affiliates in the area in 2011 and uploading video back then was like living in the stone age. And week 3 my daughter was born. Big DNF, but I learned dubs real quick and was hooked on crossfit.
2012 – Been in it for a year and had opened Basin Crossfit about 6 months prior. Was learning and getting better everyday. I find it funny that this was my best ranking of all 8, the first whole open I actually completed. At this time CF had not caught on to the masses yet. Only 2 or 3 affiliates in town. Which has a lot to do with my awesome 407th place finish. Mindest was ok but I had became slightly stagnant.
2013 – Enter the year of CrossFit. It had caught on like wildfire and the tall socks were abundant! More affiliates opened in town, local competitions started up, the amount of participants in the open went way up. Needless to say the level up competition had went way up to. May regional ranking dropped to 1042. This drove me into the next year with a mindset to reach regionals within the next 2 years. I retired from professional MMA and put all (most) my focus into crossfit competition.
2014 – Second best year! Back down to 439th in the region! Olympic lifting is pretty much life at this time. Basin CrossFit was thriving and my son, Ranger Rock was born a few weeks before the open started. Great mindset, awesome placing.
2015 – I continued to train hard through 2014 in preparation for this year but in a string of events was knocked off course. About 2 weeks before the open I had broke my hand. This didn’t work well for heavy clean and jerks, t2b, and many other movements at a competitive level. Then the week before 15′ cf open I opened Basin Cryo. So stress was high and was not focused on my fitness or my ranking that year. 1056th place. Mindset not so good, scoring not good either.
2016 – Had a great year placing 806th. This year I had dedicated most of my training time to competitive BJJ. You can’t win everything all the time and I was happy with this placing considering the success I had in BJJ that year. Good mindset year.
2017 – This was the year of change. That change had just been catapulted at this time in to the awesome community that we have today. For those of you that heard my speech at the x-mas party, you know what im talking about. My open score was decent but really not important. I was so engulfed in the intramural open and having fun with it, that I didn’t notice when someone accidently changed my score on the computer which led to not getting verified and eventually getting me my 2nd DNF. 🙁 But I learned not to stay logged in on computers with public access. Good mindset year, not so good score, still great performance.
2018 – We will see!! It’s been a interesting year of focused a lot more on others and less on myself. Goals I expect to back in the 700-900 range.
So thats my story, you’ll eventually want your own. But like I said Im ol skool. What about the rest of you? Well remember I said Fonzy and Amber had just started crossfit when they joined the open last year? Well they did, and I mean literally had just started. Ambers 5th or 6th workout was 17-1. And Fonzy was still learning burpees 😉 Sure this says some positive qualities about their character but I like to think that jumping right into that competitive atmosphere gave them enough motivating fuel to burn through a awesome year! Both of them made significant progressions this year and were consistent with training the whole time. That’s why they are the rookies of the year. Who will it be this year? I bet they do the open!
Competition breeds results. You can do the same workout 5x. Your score may slightly improve and your level of soreness will go down. Then you do it in a competitive atmosphere and you can’t move the next day……..INTENSITY! It’s one of the things that makes crossfit so effective and addicting. Even in the lowest form of competition, maybe just training with your grandma cheering you on, its better then going at it alone. And this is everybody’s chance to do it in a safe and motivating atmosphere right here with all your friends and family. You will regardlessly have a focus for the 6 weeks of the intramural open mixed with the intense friday workout will have a profound result on your fitness. And finally its about testing your self. You have to put forth effort and do the slightly uncomfortable in order to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually so get uncomfortable and do something in front of all your friends. Were only going to support you. Imagine were doing brovember but with just one wod, every friday for 6 weeks.

What is the intramural open?

Last year we started the intramural open at Basin Crossfit. This is a team competition within our gym, using the CF open platform for the workouts. We choose 4 team captains, members from the gym that we decided would be good leaders. Captains will be in charge recruiting you to their team. Once someone signs up for the open to recruit, you must agree to join that team. During the open every friday we will host “friday night lights” on friday evenings. Each team will perform the wod together collecting points for highest scores, each participant, spirit of the open, and we will have special challenges TBA throughout the week that can earn extra points. Last year we had people doing burpees in odd places on social media and all kinds of stuff. The wods have scaled and rx options and we will have proper scoring for each, were gonna have another blog for all the details but right now just know that this competition is literally for EVERYBODY!!!!! From 1 day to 8 years experience and from 17-62 years of age. (that’s our range at BCF) The team that earns the highest amount of points wins the “2018 BCF Intramural Open champion” and will have their 3 x 2 banner hung on the wall and remembered for Life 🙂 You have to be registered for the Crossfit open to participate in the intramural open.We will be doing the open workouts as scheduled on friday in class but we rea

lly want everyone going all in for the friday night lights to get those team spirit awards and have a good time. In the case of missing one you can still make it up anytime before the deadline the next week. The open runs Feb. 22nd- Mar 25th and then we have a special BCF event on the 6th weekend to even out the scores and have awards ceremony. This will be a surprise event.

When and how do i sign up?

Signups for the open go live this thursday. That’s when recruiting begins, you must be registered before you can be recruited. You can sign up on thursday HERE
I will have another blog coming out thursday to explain all the details more thoroughly of the intramural open and announcing our team captains (they may have already started to try and recruit you) But for now start to prepare your selves, this will be the most fun and exciting time for crossfit this year.