2018 Basin CrossFit Intramural Open


2018 Basin CrossFit Intramural Open

Every year since 2011 Crossfit HQ has run the CF open online. Over the last 8 years it has grown to over 380,000 participants annually. Athletes of all skill levels sign up for this 5 week worldwide competition where you scores are entered and displayed on the leaderboards worldwide. Workouts are released on thursday nights and you have until sunday to enter your scores. All workouts can be performed and verified at affiliated gyms. This is the platform for athletes to make it to the regional level and eventually to the Crossfit Games to determine the fittest on earth. But the open is about participation, not qualification. You can read more about that here. Or read more about my personal experiences and how Basin Crossfit has done the open for the last 7 years here.
Last year we started the Intramural open at Basin Crossfit and it was the biggest community event of the year. Our goals this year is to have over 50 athletes sign up for the Crossfit open and participate in the intramural open with us. Ive boasted enough about the ” its fun and it’s for everyone speech” so please spare me or your teammates the “I suck” or “I dont compete” excuse. If you can commit to 1 workout a week for 5 weeks plus a awards ceremony on the last week then you should be entering. Have a little self respect and reward your self the experience and self gratification of effort, instead of selling yourself short in light of your imperfections. We will be doing the workouts on friday nights starting at 5:30. These classes will be high with intensity and full of encouragement as you challenge yourself and battle it out with the other teams every week. Here is how it works:

The Draft: Jan. 17th

There are 4 team captains selected. Team names are to be determined. Brenda Harrison, Aly Dial, Keith Livingston, and Sual Dunn. There will be 1 coach assigned to each team. It is the captain’s job to get participants signed up for the open. The draft will be on wednesday January 17th. To be drafted you MUST be entered with the official CF open.
Cost is $20 and signups go live after 5:00pm on jan. 11th. Here
To create some urgency and make the draft more fun, Basin CrossFit will be giving away 2018 BCF official open t-shirts randomly to 5 participants that sign up for the open before the draft next wednesday.
Captains will be assigned a number and we will draw a number each round to keep selection random. IT would be good to start discussing team you want to be on or which athletes you want now, just doesn’t mean it will work out that way. Last year one captain had a list of names before the draft ever started.  Captains have the ability to save 1 athlete for there team, usually spouse or bestie 😉 Everyone else is drafted. After wednesday athletes can still choose to sign up and join a team, and captains can/should still try to encourage and draft more members. But selection will depend upon participants. Once a team reaches 10 members we will wait until all others have filled up at least 7 before that team can add more.

The Open: friday nights starting feb.23 – mar. 30

Once teams are decided, the fun starts! Workouts will be released live on thursday evenings at 6:30. At that point lt the game planning begin! Workouts will be performed on friday during all scheduled classes. You can choose to do the workouts at any class but you will have the chance to earn more points for your team by coming to the “friday night lights” event starting at 5:30 every friday. Points will be awarded for the following:

  • 1 pt per team member that completes and registers score for workout. 2 PTs if performed at “Friday Night Lights”
  • 3 pts per male and female team member that earns a top 3 RX score within the gym
  • 1 pt per male and female team member that earns a “scaled” score within the gym (don’t even think about sandbagging for this event)
  • 5 pts will be awarded for “spirit of the games” to the team that put out the most energy and fun the week building up to and during the friday night event. We had some awesome ideas and turnouts for this last year, get with your captains and plan the most epic evening you can! The 4th week was truly one of the best times/parties of the year.
  • There will be bonus points awarded for extra challenges announced throughout the week. Last year we had people doing burpees in odd places on social media and other crazy tasks.

Final Week event and award ceremony.

this will be a surprise event followed by a awards ceremony. Team with the most points at the end will earn bragging rights as the 2018 intramural champions and a banner will be hung at the gym to remember forever. This event is usually rounded out with some good eats, drinks, and music to end the best damn 6 weeks of the year making memories and friendships. The open is 5 weeks, but we added a 6th week to make the scores even and have a little more fun. The final event will be a surprise announcement!


You have been chosen because we feel you have the right mentality and mindset to lead by example and have a great time. You are in charge of the attitude and mindset of your team. You will be the leader, brainstormer, and organizer for your week leading up to and during the friday night performance. Last year the friendly competition was through the roof as Team Andrew made a “FAke” video of taking down all team mia’s posters and peeing on them, then his next video of the “BBQ” really set them off. Team Mia responded with a huge turnout and performance squeaking by with just a few points in the final days and taking the Title. (this explains the pic) All the teams had custom tees made and brought signs and posters to the events. Of course Team Jr took on their superhero alter-ego’s and came with capes to do the wod in. IT was Epic. Captains should create a Facebook Group and add people to it as they are drafted, remember no drafting until they are registered.


For those of you that do care about your regional or world wide score the intramural open will not interfere. You will still sign up under our box and team name (basin CrossFit), your intramural teams are only for scoring within our gym. If anything, having the accountability of your team and a fun energized atmosphere should push you beyond your limits. Building a healthy and supporting community!